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Should i start with coding?

  1. No it´s useless

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  2. Maybe i´ll try it

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  3. Yes, would be great

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    This tool will allow you to start your server more easyly.
    I´m just planning yet and i want to know if you would like to use this plugin.
    So if you are interested please vote!

    - Detects your installed Versions of Java
    - Configurable amount of RAM
    - Downloads and updates the craftbukkit.jar
    - GUI(something like Pail)
    - Windows and Linux support
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    For example a GUI would be completly useless for me.
    My minecraft server is running on Debian Linux without a desktop / only console.
    And i think every linux server administrator is able to create a simple script for updating and controlling a bukkit server.

    Its more a question for windows users.
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    Yeah i think the gui is useless because if u want one you just install pail
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