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    Hey all, I recently had a friend ask me to put the bukkit server witch is console base into a Windows App(GUI). So what I've been working on is that I made a Server Manager pretty much so commands could be executed with the help of buttons and textboxs. The program interacts with the command prompt that you never see and the command prompt.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome

    Download and test here https://dl.dropbox.com/u/32670362/MineCraft Server Managment Tool.exe

    Already have the app installed then download any updates here

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/32670362/MC Server Manager Update Tool.exe

    Only difference between the 2 installs is that the update install will not affect the run.bat file or any server files you already have.

    here is some current progress


    Server Manager Tool is now ready for some testing feel free to download and test here

    **How To Use**

    -Download the tool from the link above
    -Run the installer
    -Run the program
    -Pick from 3 server in the drop menu besides the download button

    Want plugins installed?

    -Click on Get Plugins
    -It will open a browser window and when you download a plugin it will
    install it for you on download.
    -Restart Server

    Want rtoolkit installed?

    -After using the server for the first time rtoolkit is ready for install
    -Click Install rtoolkit
    -Start Server


    Here's a video I just made this morning

    Still in early stage but everything is functional at this point

    I'm still opened to suggestion or if you need a custom layout with custom functions for your plugins let me know we can work something out.

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    New update to the app again.

    Also added download link on the first post.

    What's new

    -Added a download button to get the latest craftbukkit.jar and saves it to the server folder
    -Added Plugin section witch allows user to have a list of plugins that he can install(showing in my video)
    -Easy install button witch downloads the plugin and saves it into the plugin folder
    -Press Reload Plugins to activate the plugin

    Everything being downloaded are all links from the dev.bukkit.org website

    Little video

  3. Looks pretty cool.
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    Direct downloads only. You cannot redirect users to your site to download the file.
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    I use SpaceBukkit as my GUI. Im wondering since I leave the computer I host it on in my room I could get A GUI to work with the rttoolkit combined with SpaceBukkit and have that GUI not mess up my spacebukkit GUI so I could have one open on that computer since the SpaceBukkit is on the web.
    Lol that may not make a lot of sense..... but what im asking is will this be able to launch any start.bat file? what about a start.bat file that opens a nother start.bat wich in turns starts the server? Also what if the start.bat opens a .jar file that turns on the server?
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    **Update included direct link in my first post***

    What's new

    -rtoolkit integration
    -Easy one click rtoolkit install

    UltiFix Yea you can launch and start any .bat file you want. The program will run the run.bat file, so if you decide to customize it, it will launch. I also added a one click install button for rtoolkit getting the latest from the webpage. I've never used rtoolkit before so I'm sure there will be a lot more to add.
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    Nice.... Could you add web maybe a resource monitor? showing what your cpu is at.... maybe ram.... you could also add a nice big tab for player list. and then when you right click them you can deop op creative survival blah blah blah.... Just throwing out some stuff to make it unlike other guis!!! and by that i mean more features...... there are soo many guis that just all have about the same features but im hoping this one will be the best.

    I tried it out its pretty nice :) great job!
    Your help doesnt work..... just nothing happens when i click.
    Maybe you should add a configurable server location? because i like mine on my desktop personaly
    Oh yea and maybe be able to choose colors for a severe thing it could be red.... warning maybe yellow and so on and so fourth.

    I can also verify that it works with other cmd open.... i mean i had my server running then i installed your program and tried the version button and it fed the output on my cmd windows..... but it did not intergreate it into the programs small windows itself?

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    I'm working on fixing that bug right now. What's happening is that I'm starting the server process inside the GUI. So when I send commands I send it to the first CMD window. So you need to start this server before opening other cmd windows for now. Any CMD window opened after is not affected. It should be fixed by tonight or tomorrow early morning.

    As for the Player List that would be a great idea. I was thinking of doing something similar. This feature will be added in the next day or two

    I'm also going to create an option screen where you can change colors, folder paths...

    Thanks for the feedback and comments I'll keep you posted with new updates

    Ok here's a link to update the program https://dl.dropbox.com/u/32670362/MC Server Manager Update Tool.exe This installer will not effect any files in your server folder it just updates the exe. All the buttons should be working now even with other windows open so the order shouldn't matter any more. I'm still working on the other features you mentioned so if you download this again in a few hours there should be more updates to the program.

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    **Updated the program a bit again**

    I updated the links in the first post, one is a full install the other just updates it, if you already have the program then use the update tool.

    What's new

    -Removed White List and Player Tab
    -Tabs have been replace with a List Of Names
    -User can right click on names and execute commands like op, de-op, ban....
    -Added user control over box's background colors and text colors

    Still to come

    -Resource Monitor(I want to get the server's actual resources)
    -Touch ups
    -And anything anyone wants if possible into it.
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    After looking at some other GUI's never realized there is so many, I'm going to add all the features and more if possible, so check back in a week or two for something new. I'm also working on a Mac OSX version on the side also. I'm rewriting the whole thing in Objective C for best performance.
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    I have redesigned my whole Server Manager.

    Here's some pics of the current progress

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32670362/Mincraft Server Pics/19-04-2013at17-30-59-PM.png
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32670362/Mincraft Server Pics/19-04-2013at17-31-48-PM.png
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32670362/Mincraft Server Pics/19-04-2013at17-31-50-PM.png
    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32670362/Mincraft Server Pics/19-04-2013at17-32-03-PM.png

    Download it here


    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32670362/Minecraft Server Update/Minecraft Server Manager.exe

    Whats New?

    -New Design
    -3 Server Download Option Beta, Recommended and Dev Build
    -Command Window At The Bottom
    -No More CMD Window In The Background
    -Must use --nojline for commands to work
    -Legend Colors
    -Player List On The Left Admins Can Have Custom Colors
    -Command Window Back And Text Colors
    -Automatic Updates On Start Up And Button Available
    -Performance Monitor(In The Works Of Adding More To It)
    -Plugin Self Install On Download(Done Through A Browser Window)
    -Submenu's For All Lists. Right Click On Names To See Various Options
    -Op, Ban Player, Ban Ip and White Lists.
    -Set Custom Bat Files You Want To Run
    -Edit Bat Files From The GUI
    -Various Other Options Like Log On, Sound, Start On Startup, Show Legend Colors, Show Balloon Tips.
    -And More To Come

    I'm Also Working On A Mac OSX Version
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