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Are you using this server manager?

  1. Yes, I love it!

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  2. Not yet, but I plan to.

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  3. No, this server manager is junk!

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    Hey guys I didn't know where to put this so here it is.
    I made a server manager for Bukkit thats written in autohotkey because I was tired of looking at the ugly cmd window. If you use Autohotkey I suggest you go to here so you can view the source code. This is still in beta as I have features I wish to add and small tweaks to make. Please give me your feedback and I am open to any suggestions! And this is for Windows only, sorry.

    It allows you to easily see the connected players and quickly kick or ban them by selecting their name and right cliking it.

    You can also change the server properties in a more elegant way then having to open up notepad.

    You can quickly check for bukkit updates from the server manager.

    All you have to do is put this manager where ever you have bukkit, just make sure the .bat file you use to run Bukkit is called run.bat

    I suggest that you do not use the exit out of the script without properly shutting down the server or data loss may occur. I suggest you type in "stop" or press the Stop button so you know everytihng is saved.

    To give plays items simply right click their name and select give.
    Currently only have BlockIDs might add more later.
    You can do this all and more with the server manager so go and pick it up here.
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    Screen shots?

    Also, might be better suited to the bukkit tools sub-forum. Let me know if you want me to move it.
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    Thanks for the screenshot idea, and if you don't mind moving it that will be great!
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    Looking good :)
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    Would it be proper of me to res this topic? Because I really like this tool! Has a few bugs though.
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    dl link is down
    can someone provide me a proper one?
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