Bukkit Server Loading Blank Seed (Not Reading World Files)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Neoxide_, Apr 14, 2013.

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    We backed up the server and for some reason the back-up is not being read correctly. Our items and locations are intact but the world resets to its unaltered seed. Our world/nether/end files are completely intact but for some reason it's not recognizing them and regenerating the blank seed instead.

    1) Server name in Server Properties are matched with the world name perfectly
    2) Server seed in the Server Properties is blank

    We've had this issue in the past and somehow managed to get it working again but we can't remember how to fix it this time, at least not yet. This is probably a common error when doing server backups or transferring backups to new hosts so hoping it can be solved quickly. Thanks.

    TL;DR - World reset to default seed, back-ups working except for the modified terrain presumably in the REGION folder of each world.

    I should specify we're running no plugins and this is most likely to do with the files being recognized and not something to do with the machine they're on etc. Something in the directory folder isn't "clicking together" for lack of a better word. I really think it's something that is overlooking the REGION folder where each chunk is still perfectly backed up. It's just ignoring the REGION folder and trying to generate the seed from scratch.

    I've used a few programs that fix corrupted worlds such as Minecraft Region Fixer and it has told me there are no region files in the region folder. Now, they are there I see them there. I wonder why they're not being recognized.

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