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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Muod, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Bukkit Search Tool Chrome Extension!!!


    As a server owner and plugin developer, I look through alot of plugins. I always like to go to the far back of the pages because often those are the plugins that people don't see much. Server owners want plugins that are in the far back because then other servers wont have it. I got annoyed how I have to go every 3 pages. Lets say I'm on page 1 and want to go to page 33, I would have to keep clicking the number buttons until I get there. So I created a little tool for chrome to find what ever you need in any Bukkit plugins category.You type in a page number, select a category, press find. Then it takes you to your destination. If the page is too far back It will take you to page 1!

    • Select a category you want
    • Type a page number you want in the category
    • It opens in a new tab of your Chrome
    • Includes every Bukkit plugins category known.
    I posted this Bukkit plugin on the Chrome store so everybody who knows about Bukkit can give it a try and maybe even a review! This helped me alotand I hope it helps you guys too!
    If you want to get the Bukkit Search Tool (Chrome Extension)
    You can either click the link below
    Click me!
    Or you can even just go to the Chrome Web Store and type Bukkit, It should come up as the first/second result!
    Please enjoy the extension and I hope it helps you guys!
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