Bukkit Q&A at Minecon

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    So Minecon is over, and we all had a blast! Between giving random autographs, helping out lots of people with issues, and explaining why bukkit isn't out yet, we were working on updating bukkit live at our booth for people to come watch!

    We also had a panel during the first day, which was really scary but also lots of fun for all of us. We initially wanted to split it into three parts - intro, Q&A and then twitter Q&A for those who couldn't join us in person, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough time as we had so many great questions to answer.

    Unfortunately again we also only had one mic, so the sound quality isn't as awesome as we'd like, but we're working on getting subtitles/captions up soonish to help clear up anything you can't hear :)

    For those who are curious, the team members are, in order from left to right: EvilSeph, Dinnerbone, Grum, and Tahg.

    Introduction to Bukkit (YT)

    Q&A Part 1 (YT)

    Q&A Part 2 (YT)

    Q&A Part 3 (YT)

    Q&A Part 4 (YT)
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    We had no idea you were streaming us! I saw a couple of folks with their phones pointed at us through it all, but it just didn't come to mind that you may have been streaming it.
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    I've always imagined EvilSeph with blonde, shaggy hair... well I was wrong, wasn't I?
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    when do you think they'll have the 1.0.0 update fot bukkit?
    i hope its soon i promised my friends my server would be open this friday and they've all updated to 1.0.0 and my bukkit server is only for 1.8![diamond]
  5. When. It's. done.

    Don't rush them, functional Bukkit > buggy "deletes your hard drive when it crashes cus you rushed us" bukkit.

    edit: great talk, audio could have been better (Pass round mics next time?). Can't wait for 3&4.
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    When is Bukkit 1.0.0 coming out!?

    Is there a god?

    Why is there so much war in the world?
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    We so need an offical announcement on the forums for every time there's an update. Can't keep going on like this, like 6-7 ppl in one thread asking...

    ...but that kid who asked it is awesome though.
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    u liars... Hmod hat multiverse years before bukkit even existed! (years was litteraly speaked -.-')
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    My friend Pwego told me Notch changed his signature at some point to make it very basic, you must have been in the second batch :/

    Was that on the same computer in 1 minecraft server instance?

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    I think I missed the introduction part. Who is who in the video?
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    Hmm weird my friends sis cut the line on the first night and got a sig and looks the same. But I don't care its the thought of having it that counts :)
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    Guys stop asking when craftbukkit will be ready. watch the first Q&A its literally the first question it will be done when its done. Just use a dev version for now if your really stressin out.
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    Pwego had a VIP pass so maybe he got one before. Either that or Notch changed to something even worse.
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    Nice panel :) . I guess that'll give you a s**tload of attention throughout multiplayer crafters out there ;)

    One thing: EvilSeph could have mentioned the lot of plugin authors in a word or two instead of claiming all glory for bukkit- a mod with great API, but without someone using it, well, isn't worth a lot ;). Just my two cent ;)
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    I'd have to agree with djrazr i remember when there was just hmod and that particular multiworld ... *on once server instance* came out before you even had a placemarker for your craftbukkit server :) and yes i remember when bukkit site had a place marker for it :) before it was in beta :)
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    Looking forward to part three :)
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    and part 4
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    Indeed! Multiverse was foundet in the times of hMod..
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    I just asked the lead devs for Multiverse and it got created in Jan/Feb of 2011, so after Bukkit was released. However, other plugins of similar names may have existed as well. Multiworld maybe?
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    Aschh .. well i have a look at sum yt vids of me.. i hope i can proof that... i am pretty sure it was possible...
    This multiverse hype started with the comin out of the nether and the first plugins were able to generate worlds following self-written world generators..
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    Multiverse was first done by bukkit (multiverse on a minecraft-server based server), world generators were done by bukkit some time after, also for the first time on SMP
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Part 3 is up, 4 will be here soon!
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    Is part 4 up yet? :D That's the part where you talk about all us cool moderators and how awesome the community is, right?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Yeah, we're just going to tease you and make you wait.
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    GREAT. >.> XD
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    Where could I find a dev version of 1.0.0. to use until it comes out?
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    There is one here:

    They are called development build because they are just that, they are not recommend for use and are unsupported. I recommend you back up you map first.
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    Download the map, download a backup plugin or create a backup script.
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