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    Hello, I'd like to share with you an idea that I love... It is a new forum called Projects (changeable) and it is where you post BIG project ideas that you know are hard/heavy/time consuming...
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    I dont think it is necessary to have a new Section for this.
    However a sub forum for Plugin Requests would be better in this case.

    Besides that, I think this Thread belongs into the Forum Feedback Section rather that the Project Feedback Section.
  3. Very bad idea, there are very good reasons for this rule, not least of all to reduce monetary offers.
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  4. I think there should be a section were you can show off your WIP projects. I could make a readme for it aswell, I already have an idea for it :p

    Curse make it a thing!
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    There is already a subforum for this.
    Plugin Developement/WIP and Developement Status
  6. mrCookieSlime Yes but, this will be a little different. This thread qill allow you to show it off (better than the current one) and ask for people to help.

    So this will require detail about the project, (optional) pictures and also they would need to post a GitHub link. I think maybe faze our the current one and implement this one.
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    Instead of deleting an existing subforum and creating a new one which is basically the same just with another title, you could also just suggest some improvements to the current one, but please make a seperate Thread for that as this one is kinda getting offtopic now.
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    I agree with bwfcwalshy... It would help a lot with that stuff.,, mrCookieSlime

    There really isn't a thread for this... I've had to type my 5 paragraph idea 3 times, why? It's been deleted for to long or wrong place when it was show off your Minecraft server!

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  9. AdamQpzm The idea was to make a new sub-forum for projects, this would be different from WIP/Development because this is were all the projects will be posted. It will also be good for people just looking to help a project.
  10. bwfcwalshy What other types of projects would there likely be?
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    So if you have a WIP project, you shouldn't post in WIP projects but in a new subsection for WIP projects instead...? I'm so lost right now.
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    Can't you just got to the WIP section and find a project to help with?
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    Lolmewn Skionz Yes, but it's very inactive and I did a poll and a decent amount don't even know what WIP is... Basically a sub forum for projects to show the idea and get potential help, and feedback on weather it's good or not...
  14. Huntfishplay So... people don't use the WIP section much, and you think that making yet another section will improve that somehow?
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    Other than the possibility of overhauling the current WIP section with (probably custom coded) plugins to be more team centric friendly, this idea is a bit redundant. Github and Bitbucket already provide some of the better tools for development teams in git/svn/mercurial hosting. Atlassians sourcetree, jira, bamboo, etc integrated services offer far better than we could currently offer for project development of that sort for very low cost.
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