Bukkit Programming Tutorial Series [Cancelled]

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    I had this idea to help new players get the grip of designing plugins by building a very small plugin then building it to a bigger, advanced field of plugin. I have estimated each tutorial will last about 10-15 minutes depending on how big that topic for the day is. I am not totally perfect for grammar and spelling, so sight them oftenly. Don't misjudge the English Language.

    The best part of the video is you can actually reach to 720 pixels, which is HD for any people who likes looking at the screen like a TV screen that acts like a movie is playing. I use the Screencast-O-Matic free trial to record the series, so the halo cursor thingy is their fault, not mines. Anyways, I just have uploaded episode 1, part 1 out of 2 while typing this. Here it is.


    Episode: 1 (1/2)
    Episode Name: Starting off...
    Description: Plan your workspace and learn how to set up the framework (I would call basement) of your project (and house. :p) by creating the project file name under Eclipse, using the jar as a library and where to download it, making your first package, and making the first class, and creating the required methods as well the Logger feature.

    I accept any feedback/constructed criticism to make this series better and popular and widely used. I'm not trying to start a Plugin-Video tutorial series war, but I invest my time and knowledge to help others who doesn't know anything on how to code Java.

    Episode: 1 (2/2)
    Episode Name: Starting off... (2)
    Description: Register events and make the listener class with the plugin constructor (this).

    Once both of them hits 50, I will make episode 2.

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