Solved Bukkit Problem: 2 events in a row?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by FameForAim, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,
    i stuck at the plugin i am currently working on.
    I have already a PlayerInteract event with a special item, which if its true sends player a message which he should answer in chat with a Y (yes) or a N (no). But how do i check the "ChatEvent" as following of the interact event?
    Can someone help please.

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    @FameForAim Inside the interact event, you'll want to note down the player in some sort of field (a Map, or a List, or a Set or whatever), and inside the chat event you'll want to check that they're there. You might also want to remove them from the field under other events (i.e. leaving, teleporting away, etc), or make your field store the time to be time dependant. Depends on your requirements :)
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    Bukkit's ConversationAPI
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    ok thanks for this :) i think i managed it
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    Don't forget to set this to Solved if you have found a solution for your problem.
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    oh ok :D i always thought moderators will do that :)
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