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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Omnitv, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Hey, wazzup
    Its about time I did something this summer so ill be doing a Bukkit plugin Reviews/First Glance/Tutorial For any plugin you request.

    All videos will be totally non-biased totally honest on our view about the plugin at no cost nor any YouTube advertisements on the video. (Hurrah! no monetization!)

    We will link all provided/necessary information to your thread/Bukkit Dev section.

    You can apply for a Priority Status HERE* see Important Note
    Friends from Bukkit will also get priority.
    You can use the template below for plugins and tools.

    Application process vary so please in the meantime go outside and play. :)

    Once we have accepted your application we will send you a PM / Inbox, This means that your video for your plugin will be created.
    Once the Video has been created we will PM / Inbox you again with the video link Please note that the video will be unlisted for 5 hrs, and if you want us to edit the video it has to be within the 5 hrs, that way we dont have to take it down from the public and re-upload it.
    Then once it is published you may link it to where ever you feel necessary.

    If you have questions or you want to simply follow up below or please contact us here
    omniscienttelevision at gmail.com

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only submit for priority once! Applying twice/more will make your application viod and we will discard it.
    You MUST be a Bukkit member/Bukkit Dev to apply for priority.
    When a video has been created for your plugin we will send/PM you with a link to your video on our channel and other information.

    In Addition:
    If your plugin/Tool is big/complex/f Massive It will take us longer to do a review on it. this is not technically a DO NOT, you can do it we still need to understand the plugin and its features.
    The smaller and simpler the plugin the faster we can work. :3

    Void application's:
    • Applying in the priority forum twice or more.
    • Does not support the latest build.
    • Is not approved by staff on submission thread or Bukkit Dev.
    • Is an inactive/unsupported plugin.
    DO NOT PM Omnitv

    • No spam.
    • No stupid comments.
    • No JOPHESTUS. jk
    • No going off topic.* comments are fine.
    • No Pictures.*only in spoilers is fine....sorta.
    This is Serious im talking to YOU JOPHESTUS no trolling please.

    Note: Please note that since it is summer and I do have a life do not expect a video to be made in the next 5 min's. so you can apply in the priority section so I know who is der, as I am a Bukkiteer I do tend to forget about this thread.

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      • July 23 2011:
        • Added a new note
        • Added Accepted process

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    When you go, I am going to spam your google docs form :D
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    thats nice.
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    coffee cup bump
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    Bukkit username: hawkfalcon
    Plugin name: FieryInferno
    Plugin Dev Link/Forum link: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/FieryInferno
    I want: A short video showing the capabilities of this plugin.
    Other info:
    Samkio and Torrent are doing one for me for a different plugin... Make it good:) jk
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    How's it coming?
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

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    No been buzy on life stuff.
    :p chill Friday it will be done :3
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    Okay;p Just wondering!
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    My post get deleted? o.o
    Edit: Nevermind.

    I still don't see why you put "all of the above" if we can't pick that. :(
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    Please note that since it is summer and I do have a life do not expect a video to be made in the next 5 min's. so you can apply in the priority section so I know who is der, as I am a Bukkiteer I do tend to forget about this thread.
    Applied to the thread.

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    Bukkit username: V10lator​
    Plugin name: V10lift​
    Plugin Dev Link/Forum link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/v10lift/
    I want: A full Review​
    Other info: I know there are still videos available at the BukkitDev site, but they are all outdated and I would love to replace them with one video that shows the plugin in all it's glory.​

    Thanks for your service. :)
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    Two devs, one for the website (XENGS) and one for the plugin (ME)
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    Oh ok. Now I understand. :p
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Hook it up if you get a chance. Thanks Omnitv

    btw: I sub'd on youtube.. I like your works.
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      • Edits:
        • July 23 2011:
          • Added a new note
          • Added Accepted process
    See Op thread​
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    Sorry, I don't understand (no native english speaker). it means we shouldn't request the same video twice, right? But does it also mean we shouldn't request two videos, each for another plugin?
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    When you added the >> , << your last sentence is confusing.
    So ill just ignore that bit.
    Yes you CAN apply for another video for a different plugin.
    You Cannot apply with duplicate applications where all the fields are the same.
    But V10lator you dont have to worry about that. I can see your application right here. :3
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    Omnitv Sorry for confusing you and thanks for clarification. As told b4: No native english speaker... :)
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