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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by NewMilenium, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Didn't really think the number of players was a big deal?
  2. I see no use in this plugin because players can just type a space in chat and then press tab to see a list of all players, but oh well :p
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Good thing that you can block.that as well MayoDwarf
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  4. Well, do not hesitate into quoting what isn't clear in my topic about what I need. My english mastery isn't very good, I know, so you will improve it by showing me what I said wrong.
    Otherwise, I'm afraid I stated already everything I need, as I told you earlier.

    JRL1004 don't worry, we're all busy in real life I guess ;-)
    As I told MayoDwarf, his plugin doesn't do what's needed so far. So, I'd like to test yours, if you agree. I'm glad you take this as a way to improve your plugin coding, that's positive :)

    I don't understand. When someone types a space in chat then press tab, on my server he will see nobody. Plus, my server chat uses RealisticChat plugin, so you basically don't know who's online even if everybody writes "hello world" in chat.
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    I don't understand how knowing the amount of people on a PvP server will change much.
    It's perfectly fine the way
    MayoDwarf posted it.
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  6. Fluxanoia How is understanding the need changing anything to my need?
    What is fine the way MayoDward posted it? It's not what I'm needing.
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    You didn't say you wanted the pings gone, just the names.
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  8. Fluxanoia , allow me to quote myself :
    Point "1" isn't done as you can see the number of players when looking at the server in the server lists, AND counting at the number of pings shown.
    About point "2", what does "the number of players" mean for you in " 'tab' key in-game" ?
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    NewMilenium Trust me, I do not think the count will really make a difference. The hiding the names in the tab bar does. Also I disabled join and leave messages within the plugin so you will never know who left or joined. If people were smart on your server they would not say when they are leaving or say anything and just log off with everyone having no idea who left.

    BillyGalbreath Didn't work when I tried it. I tried it in both code and in the server properties file. It shows up as: 0/-1... Maybe if we make it not an integer?

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  10. Trust me, it does, or I wouldn't ask for such a plugin.

    I already disabled them with another plugin.

    As stated above, anyway I use RealisticChat, among with other plugins. So this sort of case cannot happen.
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    Well, the ping can not be taken away without packets. Not sure if JRL1004 will want to mess with those.
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  12. Ah!.. bad news.
    And couldn't we add something that will just hide, like (noob example here) a white image on all the tab board, instead of deleting the packets informations? Or I guess adding such features makes it a mod and not a plugin... (which I don't care about, but this forum does, I believe)

    Well, "not showing" without deleting informations isn't possible? :(
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    It's not possible adding a image over the tab board. What is possible is disabled the tab from opening up by packets I believe. That feature you stated would make it a mod which is not supported.
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  14. Oh well, anyone can do it by any way as long as it's done I'll be satisfied and thankful. I was just trying to think on the problem, but I don't know at all how bukkit works. I'll just be your tester, guys.
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    NewMilenium I think I found a way out of this mess. Using TabAPI, this may be possible. They have a flushTabs() method. I could run this every second maybe and it would make it blank.
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    NewMilenium MayoDwarf Actually that was my reason for taking forever (and the tab-list is only half working for some reason), I already have it set so that the online players show a fake value (Thanks to xTrollxDudex for that)

    EDIT: I might be xTrollxDudex, my brain is a bit fuzzy on that name.

    EDIT 2: MayoDwarf, I decompiled your code to see how you were hiding the players but you seem to only be making there tab-name an empty string. You should know that two people cannot have the same name on the list, it causes an error (at least it did when I was testing on a separate plugin).
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    JRL1004 It's a string builder, it spaces everytime you append it. Which I do each new player.
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    MayoDwarf Ah, I see that but wouldn't it error if the server reloaded? The stringbuilder's current spot would be lot (for the number of players). Not only that but the names cannot be past 16 characters.
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    JRL1004 You have just found a bug :p The 16 characters would mess it up. Reloading would also mess it up but not if I made a repeating task. However the 16 character rule would eventually come up with more than 16 players so you do have a point.
  21. Don't forget me please [creeper] !
    Still up for some testing.
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    NewMilenium Oh, Christ! Not to be mean but I did sort of forget you. Life and what not. Compiling now so I don't forget.
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    T3h Cr33p3r
    Packets? Like, are you kidding me? You can just set the players tab name to null on player join event and also just listen to serverpingevent and set to 0 or random number. eZ.
  24. You did forget me again, I guess, JRL1004 ?
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    NewMilenium Holy! I am horrible at being consistent or whatever you call it. Okay, here is the link, feel free to decompile and what-not, I guarantee it's clean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a8s2lk1v61l3j4s/HidePlayer.jar
    And here are the know bugs and other things:
    * Bugs:
    - A there is one unremovable name on the player list (side effect of faking the player count), but I made the name changeable in the config so you can have it say whatever you want

    * Other things
    - If a player is op'd the playerlist shows the online players like normal. (and the broken one from the bug)
  26. Hello JRL1004 ,
    here is the error report that happens when I look at the server in the multiplayer servers list.

    I hope very strongly that this is not related to MCPC+, because I cannot stop using it. -_-'
    Thank you for your work anyway, and I hope you can fix that! Ready to test whenever you need it.
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    Locked. Unofficial builds are not supported here - please seek your support and your plugins on the forums for the software you are using.
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