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    We've discussed multiple options related to this, and we're not going to try to side-step the issue. We will wait to see if and how things get resolved between Mojang and Wolvereness.
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  2. The U.S community is pretty big and would still be excluded that way (besideds Microsoft has some affinity towards U.S. ground).
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    The US law you're referring to states that APIs can be copyrighted, something that was hitherto unheard of. However, Bukkit isn't under the DMCA, CraftBukkit is. CraftBukkit isn't an API, and is subject to copyright procedures in pretty much any country that we could be arsed to host it in.
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  4. There are differences, though. In U.S. it's enough to write an email and the content might be taken down, that's not the same in most other countries. Since he contributed the code under these peculiar side conditions, there might also be much different results on an actual copyright case. But that's not so interesting because the owners of Minecraft are planning with the U.S. market.
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    This can take months, or even years. By then, most Bukkit users will be deeply frustrated and have moved on to some alternative. Effectively, waiting until it is resolved will be the death of the project.

    Just get a server somewhere in the free world (i.e. outside the US) and put the stuff there. It's your work, sweat and commitment that made the project, so don't let it be taken away by some absurd law in one single country.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Thokal You do realize that Curse is only hosting right? They barely did anything with Bukkit ( as far as I know ) till the old staff left their positions.
  7. This isn't true. I recommend you look more into it.
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    I'm sorry, sir, but have you considered North Korea?
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    Sgt York

    So will we be able to install craftbukkit again soon? I have setup a server and I was finally ready to install craftbukkit so I could have mods.... and I couldn't get it!
  10. Not likely.
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    I agree.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful or unappreciative of all the hard work that has gone into this project, but Bukkit is dead.

    Between the increased delayed between MC release and Bukkit and RB's and the recent DMCA takedown, you can stick a fork in it. We gave up hope for Bukkit a while back and have moved on.

    A big thanks to all the folks that contributed their time to this project. It had a great run and enabled a lot of fun and good times.
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    any updates on craftbukkit?
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    The last set of "official" bukkit/craftbukkit developers weren't the original bukkit/craftbukkit developers. One of the realities of open source is that development teams can and do change over time. You can't just pick one set of developers that are your personal favorite, and then deny that anyone else is "official".
  15. @Shaggy67 No, but nor can any developer come in and declare themselves official. I, for instance, cannot be considered a Bukkit developer merely because I want to be.
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    So we agree that deciding who is and isn't an "official" Bukkit developer isn't up to you?
  17. @Shaggy67 Of course, but bare in mind that being an official Bukkit developer is a fact. I don't need to decide that 1 + 1 = 2 to be right about it :)
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    Whether you think it's official or not, you are right. This new fork of Craftbukkit for 1.8 is Spigot official. Craftbukkit 1.7 is Bukkit official as well as Spigot official. I could have my own fork of Bukkit and make some changes to it and it would be @teej107 official, if I choose to.
  19. Maybe it would be an idea to start having other implementations as the official eg CanaryBukkit
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