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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Kaelten, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Kaelten Does any of those things you listed include updating the plugin from a URL? The jar could be sane but have code that downloads from another location.
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    Thanks you :)
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    We absolutely spot things like that.
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    If that was to happen, don't you think that Mojang and/or Microsoft would have done so by now?
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    hMod to this, stupid reasons halt progress on many good things that are made. I've been a long time member and following old projects that were made for Minecraft such as hMod and Bukkit, but man so many people in this world really want to go out at each other. I seriously hope that Mojang file a counter-notice against Wolvereness and his disruption of an open source project. Long live Bukkit.
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    I'm an old man trying to teach myself Java with videos and books and such. My 2 older boys love Minecraft and want me to build plugins for them. What better way to learn, right? I bought a book, "Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins", by Hunt. The whole book is dependent upon craftbukkit. Is there any other way to program plugins, and what are the chances craftbukkit will become available in the near-term? Thanks, guys!
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    Kaelten / Jadedcat eyamaz ZeldoKavira

    If you need a helping hand with administration/community transitions let me know. I might find a bit of time to work on craftbukkit as well, but I'm not sure.
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    No. Big corporations are like cruise ships. They don't change direction very quickly.

    Given the recent sale to Microsoft, the smart move by a Mojang executive would be to turtle on the Bukkit/CraftBukkit issue until Microsoft says what it wants.

    It will be even slower if there are lawyers involved.
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    It seems I am a little late to find this post, but it's definitely heartening.
    From what I've seen, managing the bukkit project requires specialized skill and plenty of work in figuring out how to run it all. It's great that you've all stepped up to fill the positions of the previous team members who left their posts when all this trouble started to happen. Good luck managing the bukkit project, and I look forward to seeing bukkit back in use and developers back into development :)
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    Microsoft refugee...first post...possibly a bit cheeky....

    For the fastest route, should not Sponge target first the most mature alternative server?

    Glowstone is not it. It has 556 all-time commits (including its Lightstone origins), to MCServer's 7323 , and actually looks to be many many months behind.

    I suggest a quick visit to mc.blockyland.tk. It may shock you by how advanced it is.

    Minigames, Skyblock, Shop, Currency, Jobs, Survival, Creative, Plot and chest protection.
    The vanilla Survival experience is indistinguishable from the real thing, right up crop farming i.e. crafting mining planting harvesting. No animal breeding yet. Hostile mobs a bit rare and meek yet. I've played, and enjoyed, survival for hours, and earned a farmer salary sufficient to but a large plot.

    Compare the glowstone test server at glowstone.net !

    Could Sponge targeting mc-server/MCServer instead of Glowstone save many months ?

    Maybe it is somehow unsuitable, apart from being in C++ which may be foreign to most Sponge developers?
    Here is its current api definition, so that those of you who know can decide: MCServer API - Index

    I think the plugins are written in Lua.
    Here is a list of the current ones: MCServer Forum - Plugin Releases

    Get your own ready-to-run compiled test builds from the Jenkins Server here: Dashboard [Jenkins]

    Disclaimer: My knowledge on these matters is rather limited, and I only found MCServer two weeks ago...if this suggestion is ridiculous, I'd be very grateful to be told why. I'm just scared of Microsoft, and trying to back the best escape route.
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    it's just so frustrating! I want to find some way to make sure Microsoft acknowledges what Bukkit has done. All over the news i have yet to see one word on Bukkit. It's as if no one knew it existed. However it's my firm belief Bukkit and other Mods are what kept Minecraft alive and kicking. Is there anyway we can set up a petition or something as to see how many people want Bukkit to continue. Maybe the vast numbers will get Microsoft's attention and they'll at least comment on it. It's a long shot but if Microsoft put the Bukkit core members on payroll then perhaps they'd return and be able to make a new and improved Bukkit?
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    Bukkit is one of the best minecraft servers of all time and mostly popular!.Bukkit helped people make epic servers and alot of money.Bukkit is ONE of the only reasons people actually play multiplayer ,and muliplayer in minecraft is what most people who have it actually love to play.Nothing can replace bukkit and minecraft will just be boring and not the same without it.
  13. Thanks for the info :).

    Does anyone know where I can find information about what is going on with CraftBukkit? Or who I could contact to find out more?

    I really would like to know what Mojang is doing about it, and if they are close to resolving the DCMA takedown anytime soon.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

  15. timtower You mean on what Mojang is currently doing to resolve it?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    No questions are being answered, at least: not by the right persons, loads of speculation though.
  17. timtower Thanks for the clarification, I'm not really active on the forums, so I wasn't sure if I was missing reading something about it or not :)
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    will you be able to download craftbukkit?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    timtower I haven't really been keeping up to date with the news, but as I understand it, if by some miracle Bukkit is restored, can ANY contributor do this exact thing?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Caprei If you can prove that you did the same amount of work: try it.
    But I highly doubt it that anybody has done the amount of work Wolf did
  22. Let's not go there. While i don't want to compare in particular, you have a lot of plugins that cover ten thousands of lines of code, if you count in the time taken for maintaining them on your own (be it split by team effort) and interacting with users on bug reports, forums and chat, things start to look odd - even if you just sum up time invested to create the simplest of plugins, you'll end up magnitudes higher than what Wolverness has done so far - while he may be a hero for the amount of effort he put in, you do have to account for the total damage done, not only in comparison to individual projects depending on Bukkit/CraftBukkit. (Not counting in private plugins / eco-systems, some of which are bigger than CraftBukkit in size :p, though they're made to the benefit of the Minecraft community for a part, they don't directly help the Bukkit-part of it.)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    asofold Where did I said that I also counted plugin side? I was talking about the code Wolf did on the CraftBukkit project.
  24. Sorry, i totally went off-topic. Though did he refer to any contributor being able to file a DMCA? In that case i don't understand the comment about "if you can prove that you did the same amount...", maybe that put me off tracks.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    asofold He did ( as far as I know )
    But you need to have done a really big part in order to be taken seriously. That is why I mentioned the "if you can prove that you did the same amount..."
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    The solution is easy. If microsoft paid 2.5 billion for minecraft and they want to keep bukkit updating. All they have to do is let some java programmers rewrite the functionality of the about 30 k lines of code of wolve from scratch. This will cost about 900 k dollars. Thats a very small number compared to the cost of acquiring minecraft. If they dont want to keep bukkit updating, well then this dmca is the best excuse they can possibly have.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    wiigor And where do they get those developers from? They need to start from scratch, need to implement everything Wolf had implemented, need to implement more stuff as of the 1.8 update. AND break no plugin in the process.
  28. im not sure if you guys already seen my topic somewhere on the forums, but Mojang told me they dont want to close bukkit, but Wolvereness just claimed the project with a DMCA Claim, believe it or not but you guys are just allowed to bring it out, just add his name aswell on the list and nothing is happening, mojang is and will never close bukkit cause you guys give them credits aswell! So good luck and i'll promote you guys on facebook, that bukkit is back :p
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    You sound like a great staff member to this community... I think you are going to make a great administrator! :)
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    I'm curious, why does Bukkit not simply take the easy option and host the downloads outside the US, thus invalidating any DMCA notices against them. US laws do not have international powers.
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