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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Kaelten, Sep 25, 2014.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Too bad that we don't touch mods with Bukkit
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    Hey how can i apply to help moderate/admin the forums

    EDIT: Nevermind i just noticed it says "We are NOT accepting" I missed the not part and figured id try to apply as Bukkit has been a huge part of my Minecraft days and I hate to see it fade away would love to help preserve what can be preserved
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    When and if we start accepting staff positions we'll make sure people know. I do appreciate your (and others) interest though. :)
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    Lol, mojang/microsoft is imposing their crappy EULA in the forums too.
    Minecraft is dead. good job :(
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Bukkit has always done this already...
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    A lot is waiting to be pulled ;) : https://github.com/GlowstoneMC/Glowstone/pulls
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    Just out of curiosity, do you guys have plans to update the XenForo software for the forums? Correct me if I'm wrong, but either a Curse staff member, or retired staff member said the forums were running a version of XenForo from 2011. Not that there's anything wrong with the forums currently, just curiosity that's all.
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    Kaelten Thanks! These two weeks have been a huge torture on Bukkit. You allowing new staff to help Bukkit regenerates this community. I hope you can be around at times, your good news made my day. :cool:
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    You're not wrong, the year on the bottom left of this page says 2011
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    There are some long term software goals in place. But right now we don't have any time line on those. :)
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    Sorry, Correct me if i'm wrong and sorry if this makes someone angry, but I don't see how Craftbukkit will survive without it's Core-Members and The Dev-Team, no team to approve plugins means no new plugins... unless i'm mistaken i could of swore I saw lots of those dev team resign. Also Since Mojang has sold it self to Microsoft I highly doubt Microsoft will want people modifying their new game. It pains me to say but Minecraft is in it's darkest days and all signs look, to me, like Minecraft is Dead.
    I don't see anyway Minecraft can come back to life, at least in the amazing way it was. I bet Microsoft will just screw it up, and make me cry even more...


    -Again sorry for my rant but I am full of hate and grief over the Fall of Bukkit-

    Really though they'd need to come from Microsoft. Do you honestly think Microsoft will want us modifying they're new game?

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Microsoft said that they won't change how minecraft works. And besides that: it is java, somebody will get in anyways and make an interface ( guess what forge does )
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    Elegantly said.. I just wish I knew what the direction they are going to take is sooner than later, waiting is painful. Honestly, I have renewed faith in Microsoft lately, the new CEO seems to be making a lot of smart moves, hopefully they do right by their newest acquisition and it's community.. which Mojang was not the prize Microsoft bought... THE COMMUNITY IS!

    Just remember that Microsoft - you bought a crap bag of a company, to get access to the most amazing people on the internet that held it up.

    So Bukkit as a community may continue even it the bukkit/craftbukkit projects die? Any idea of what an project-less Bukkit community run by Curse would look like? Does curse have any agreement with Mojang/Microsoft for continued hosting?
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    You and the guys are doing an awesome job picking up the pieces and keeping things together here. Keep up the good work! Depending on which community project takes off in the future it would be good to see you guys take an active role in it. Keep us posted.
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    Your words are much appreciated. :)

    We're working hard to ensure that things are going to carry on as well as possible. We're very interested in supporting the Minecraft community as a whole going forward, whatever shape that takes.

    roke58 I understand your frustrations, but please, let's keep things civil and constructive.
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    Just curious why plugins.bukkit.org list hasnt updated if all the plugins have been approved? Thank you for your hard work and keeping this project alive. Its going to be a few months before this mess is settled and I appreciate the continued plugin support!
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    wrecktify plugins.bukkit.org was something maintened by lukegb I believe.
  19. Other than that huge dick move Wolver pulled, there is no alternative to Bukkit that is ready anytime soon.

    Glowstone can barely Creative, and can't Survival at all. It is under heavy development.
    Sponge just started, they haven't even Alpha.
    Spigot is working on removing the offending code, and has a binary patcher to update, if you had the last Spigot build before it was DMCA'ed.
    CanaryMod is stable and running, and is updating to 1.8, but needs more plugins!

    Of all the ones, Spigot and Canary are the only ones worth switching to at this time. Canary does not Bukkit, and has its own plugins, but the API is very stable and so is the server. You can't Spigot if you don't have the last Spigot build already downloaded.
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    blastermaster555 Except Canary and Spigot aren't 1.8 (that actually support new blocks). At this point, the first with a working 1.8 will probably win.

    Glowstone is 1.8 and I've added a lot of the creative blocks to it, I deem it a working creative alternative.
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    Thank you for the update, it is much appreciated.
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    Will the plugins still be decompiled and checked for malicious code? It wouldn't be hard to completely destroy a server internally through basic minecraft commands, or using java...
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    We've decompiled and checked every plugin we've processed. :)
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    Kaelten are you testing everything the previous team was testing?
    Including auto-updaters?
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    I don't have a exhaustive list so it's hard to say for sure. I can talk more about what we did and continue to do.

    * We re-examined every rejected malicious file for the last year to expose ourselves to variations of malicious types.
    * We examine the decompiled source of all plugins submitted
    * We attempt to ascertain malicious intent and ban the user if judged to be malicious (note: it's a judgement call on our side and can be appealed)

    To date we've rejected many malicious plugins (my favorite used hashing to hide his account name check), banned several users, and advised others on security holes due to accidental software bugs. :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Kaelten The hashing one is clever, not clever enough though :p
    I really like the approval rate, last file that I uploaded was approved within an hour.
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    Glad to hear we're meeting our goal! :)
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  29. can wee here news about dmca claim.. or is it going very down for that..??
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I doubt it that curse has control over that.
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