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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Kaelten, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Dinnerbone stated he would be updating Bukkit.

    CraftBukkit is an entirely different monster at this point. A monster that, unfortunately, Dinnerbone can't do anything about, with the current DMCA. There are plenty of topics on both these forums, random blogs/forums around the net, and plenty of Reddit posts about this as well, if you want more information.
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    Thanks for the update.

    I hope you can also eventually get around to updating the Xenforo software used in the Bukkit forums. It's highly outdated...
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    Updating Bukkit to 1.8 means updating Bukkit *and* CraftBukkit. There'd be no point in just updating Bukkit without a place the mods could run.
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    This is a good start. Obviously Kaelten was a good choice to keep the conversation moving. I don't envy being in that position at this point, but it's clear that any update is a good one, so let's do this.

    *Yes I'm aware this is my first post. Long time listener, first time caller. Just glad to see things progressing.
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    Entirely untrue. There are plenty of other (available) server implementations that are compatible with Bukkit, which would benefit from an update to 1.8. And Dinnerbone is aware of this.

    And, again, as far as updating CraftBukkit goes, it's out of Dinnerbone's hands.
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    plugins.bukkit.org is just dev.bukkit.org
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    Check this new group out here.

    I believe it should still be functional, let me know if it's having issues.
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    Do you think it might be possible for curse to later offer hosting of plugins for those bukkit alternatives as well similar to hosting bukkit plugins on dev.bukkit.org? I see there is hosting of minecraft mods (http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects), maybe there could be sections for the most popular bukkit alternative(s) as well then..?
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    Thank you for approving all the plugin updates and keeping the queue down!
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    This is something that I'd be happy to discuss with those communities.
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    I'm only aware of one server that's striving for 100% Bukkit mod compatibility -- Glowstone.

    Whether it's out of Dinnerbone's hands or not depends on who is making decisions at Mojang about the future of the Bukkit Project. I've tried to find out myself, to see where this all might end up, but had no luck.
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    Thank you sir. i hope the nightmare will end soon.
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    As far as CraftBukkit goes, the future rests upon Wolvereness. Regardless of anyone's opinions upon his motivations for the DMCA, the request is perfectly valid. Unless they rewrite the project, remove Wolvereness' code, or come to some sort of agreement with him, CraftBukkit is dead.

    And as far as the latter is concerned, that's not entirely a valid route of action, as plenty of other developers can claim the same request and have it validated. (Though, admittedly, Wolvereness' claim would be far more of a hassle than most, as he contributed a helluva lot of code.)
  15. If craftbukkit were to update, lets say, a week from now. Will it be posted on their website or curse's website instead of dl.bukkit.org?
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    Impossible to say at this point. I would recommend extreme caution downloading from any other sources than dl.bukkit.org or directly from Mojang.
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    If it's updated at all, it would be because the situation has been resolved with Wolvereness in some fashion.

    In which case, it would be uploaded to dl.bukkit.org.
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    So no more bukkit updates any time soon? Specifically to 1.8?
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    It doesn't seem likely at this point.
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    This is good to hear. I already knew so it confirms my thoughts, but when others who don't know a certain fact about Minecraft start to imagine...

    ...they tend to cause chaos. But an official "we're not dead, just dormant" post is what was needed.
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    That remains to be seen. He contributed his code freely and made 63 commits to net.minecraft.server code, so he's always known the genesis of the code that he now calls an infringement. Mojang COO Vu Bui disputed the claim's validity in a post here.

    I think the future of Bukkit and CraftBukkit depends entirely on Mojang and its new corporate parent. If they want it to continue, they'll file a counter-notice and Wolvereness will have 14 days to sue. Presuming he doesn't, the files will return online.

    But if Mojang and/or Microsoft doesn't want Bukkit to continue, they can let this dispute take the blame.
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    Nothing but a good old Bukkit core can be better than a Bukkit core. The whole problem is there is no Bukkit for 1.8 so we (I mean server owners AND players, since I am not a coder for cores or plugins) must resort to alternative solutions, make sad compromises and be happy someone writes a plugin for a different core and brings back half the functionality a plugin had 3 years ago (taking Lockette as a painful example). Because most plugins that we love, stable and reliable, are only for Bukkit and they are not ported to any new cores. I came to these forums every other day because I am using the best of alternatives and I am so unhappy while I do that I still hope that some day a miracle will happen and I will be able to play 1.8 on a Bukkit core.

    Nothing can really replace Bukkit, the way it used to be. Nothing. Other cores can hope to take their place only because Bukkit is gone or in a sort of stand-by. I still hope the stand-by will be over some day. That is why I come back here from time to time, to check out if Santa read my letter...

    • Vanilla survival features are entirely absent (mobs, hunger, health, so on). Glowstone cannot yet replicate a vanilla survival environment. These will be added over time. Quoted from their last version's readme. No free gifts there either...
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    Please... 0 DBO staff...
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    Bukkit better return it be a shame if we have to shut down our servers because ther is no updates
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Bukkit went down ( I think ) due to the fact that there weren't enough people working on the code and helping the community. This is essential in a community project.
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    Guys I'm sorry to be the one to say this but if the code linked to the dmca is rewritten and bukkit updated, it will not belong till another dev sends a dmca for his code and so on as the domino effect contunes.
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    There is nobody else who both contributed such a massive amount of code and is not a Mojang employee. For others, it could be practical to simply revert their changes, and have someone else re-implement the results.
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    It's good news that dbo is being processed. I have things in the work and was wondering if it was worth continuing them.
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    mod api support on
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    True that Glowstone & Sponge are not ready, but as far as a lot of people and company's hosting servers are concerned (my company included) bukkit is now dead and gone. Sponge and Glowstone are improving constantly and sadly for bukkit will probably end up far far better.
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