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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Kaelten, Sep 25, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone, my name is Kaelten.

    Not many of you know me. I've been an admin on the Forum for several years, but until recently I've been inactive. I am also a Curse staff member, and the project lead over CurseForge.

    Everyone knows there's been a lot of changes and shakeups in the community over the last several weeks. These together have left a feeling of unease with many users.

    Let me start by saying that Bukkit.org and Bukkit Dev will stay online for the foreseeable future.

    The future of CraftBukkit distribution lies squarely (or with Minecraft is it blockly?) with Wolvereness and Mojang. As things stand right now CraftBukkit will not be available from dl.bukkit.org.

    Staffing Changes

    With all the changes most of the staff for Bukkit.org have stepped down. Many of the former staff posted farewells. To archive these in perpetuity we've created a forum dedicated to staff member farewells and those posts will be relocated there.

    I want to thank all of the former staff for the years of hard work and dedication to the site and Bukkit as a whole.

    To help fill the gap as the future of the community becomes apparent I've brought in admins to keep things stable and civil. Please say hello to Jadedcat, eyamaz, and ZeldoKavira. At least one of us should be around all the time, and will make sure all reports are handled promptly.

    For now we are not accepting any applications or suggestions for additional staff. We will let people know if that changes in the future.

    Rules Changes and Clarifications

    Over the last few weeks we've reviewed the rules in place and have decided revise a few. We're by no means trying to impose a new culture on the forums, but given the current landscape we feel it's important that open discussion can happen. Below is a list of changes and clarifications:

    • Discussion of Bukkit alternatives and derivatives, in appropriate forums.
    Not Allowed:
    • Posting download links to unofficial builds of CraftBukkit
    • Selling or advertising for-pay plugins
    To facilitate better discussion of Bukkit alternatives and derivatives we've created two new forums. Please keep the threads regarding these topics in those forums.

    DBO Plugins and Queue Times

    Last week we started processing the queue on Bukkit Dev. As of right now the queue is completely caught up and has been for most of a week. We normally process all files within an hour, except during the late night shift at which point it can reach up to 10 hours.

    We are committed to maintaining the same level of security the end users are used to.

    We have not, nor shall we, compromise the safety standards placed on uploads. We're actively working on ways to further improve our process to active even high security, and shorten queue times.

    However, except in situations where code issues could create accidental malicious activity, we will not be moderating for quality as that is too highly subjective. We fully expect the natural order of popularity to account for that.

    Categorization is another subjective moderation point. Only cases of gross incorrect categorization will be addressed by our admin staff.

    Finally, please know we will continue to accept projects and plugin uploads for the foreseeable future.

    Wrap up

    In closing:
    • Constructive feedback is always welcomed, and appreciated.
    • Reports are the ideal way to let us know about moderation issues.
    • Have fun!
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    Thanks for the info
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    A bit late on the staffing and rule changes announcement, but better now than never.
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    Thanks. It means alot
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    We were thrown into the situation without any type of warning, we were working out the details of how the old crew worked and how we felt the site should move forward in the future.
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    I felt it was important that when this announcement was made we knew a bit more than we did a few weeks ago.
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    Hope Wolverness and Mojang can work things out so we can use dl.bukkit.org
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    ZeldoKavira Kaelten
    I also feel its important to let the community know as soon, if not when, changes like staff and rules happen.

    I understand where you guys are at, but the announcements for these has been something that I've been waiting for ever since I first found out it happened.
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    Finally an update..
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    ZeldoKavira Kaelten For some guys thrown into the deep you surely know how to swim.
    The new sub-forums is a good idea as well.
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    Are there any plans for an alternative (or new), compliant CraftBukkit for Bukkit? As it stands, now, we only have half of what we need to properly work with the API.
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    There are alternatives that groups are working on. I do not know what Mojang plans to do with CraftBukkit itself.
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    I must say... I cant really see Bukkit coming back, I know that Jaded and the others are great administrators, but I think bukkit has ran its course. Glowstone and Sponge, will probably now be far better than Bukkit...
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    That's absolutely possible. I've been following them as well.

    If that's the future we'll just help hold things together until we get there. :)
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    Bukkit would need some major work (I think anyway) to really bounce back... I dont think there are the developers left and the community has kinda fallen a bit... Unless you guys can manage to pull a 1.8 build out of a hat, I dont think there is much that will be able to be done, new staff or not ;)
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    If you find that hat let me know. I have a few other projects it could be useful for. ;)
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    The search parties are already looking for one ;)
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    Thanks for the update, Kaelten.
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    Just a question, But do you think you can continue to approve the Bukkit plugins so we can stay updated? Thank you so much for your efforts! They are very appreciated by the community! :D
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    The approval queue on plugins is completely caught up. Expect it to stay that way.
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    Ok, Thank you for the fast reply :p
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    So are ETAs possible now for approval or is it still "When your plugin is at the top of the queue"?
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    Right now we average under an hour, except during third shift (midnight to 8am CST)
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    So what is Curse's involvement with Bukkit now, if at all?

    Looking through the company's history, having there name attached to anything seems like a bad omen. I take consolation in the fact that they blew a bunch of money on Forge and Microsoft's EULA won't allow modding until the official API is out, effectively killing it.

    Also, on a more technical and less ranty note, how is Bukkit to update without mappings from Microsoft?
    (If you don't know, MC's code is obfuscated, meaning they need info from the devs to make such huge modifications to the game).

    Regardless I hope the project can continue. This whole last few weeks has been a roller coaster.
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    Curse has owned and operated the website for several years now. Staffing the website was left to the community until now.

    Curse doesn't have any current involvement outside of hosting with the Bukkit or CraftBukkit projects.
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    But what about Craftbukkit 1.8? When can we update our servers?
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    Kaelten Thanks for the information. Very helpful! I'm glad you took the time to give us a deep explanation.
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    That's unfortunately something I don't have answers for. Those answers would need to come from Mojang.
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    This is pretty good! On another note, does anybody know if dinnerbone is still working on updating craftbukkit?
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    Thanks for the update. Which forum here is the proper one to discuss Bukkit alternatives and derivatives?
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