Bukkit not working, secret update from notch?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SpyDaniel, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Bukkit stopped working a while ago, maybe 2-3 hours ago from now. I can not connect to my server while running the bukkit dev build. Has Notch released a sneaky update to the client just in spite of bukkit?
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    It works fine for me. Tested 10 seconds ago.
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    Which build?
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    I have a similar problem. One minute I was testing a plugin, I restart my server, and then I cant log into my server. Im not certain if it is a hidden little notch-update or what.

    [edit] Oh yeah, I'm using the latest build (66 I think). Windows 7 x64. I can run minecraft_server.jar and connect to the server, but when I run a server through Bukkit I cannot.

    Yeah, I'll bump this because it seems like a strange occurrence.

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    Have you tried running cbukkit w/o plugins? I had no problem with build 66.
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    Yup. Notch decided to run a seeccreeet sunday update called "FukaBukkit", the goal of which being to break Bukkit, after he already agreed to help Bukkit with their licensing...
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    That's pretty much what I was thinking ... except I figured the update would be called FukkitBukkit.

    Actually, yes I've tried running without plugins. To no avail.
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    So...Troll thread?
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    Tested Bikkit on my local machine, works fine. Try it on my server provider and it won't start up. I say wont, but I did actually get it to once, then it stopped again after I rebooted.

    I'm guessing it has nothing to do with notch updating, but some thing to do with the java process hanging and not responding, but keeping the port/ip open so that when the server is ran again it can't, as the ip/port are in use already, so closes.

    My server is hosted on a linux machine.
    Local test is ran on windows.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I've restarted my craftbukkit server (java process) many times and haven't seen this issue. What build are you running? What OS/OS Version? What java version?
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    I'm having troubles with 66-69 builds. It doesn't save chunks correctly (it actually removed chunks that were already saved).
    Had to use #65 which works fine :)

    So maybe it's the build that gives you troubles?
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    Seems the problem was with my server host. The .jar was not closing when I restarted the server, so it was hanging onto the IP and port, stopping another server being ran. It has been resolved now.
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