#bukkit hit with XChat crasher

Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by EvilSeph, Jan 17, 2012.

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    For those of you who frequent our IRC channels and use the XChat-WDK (not sure if regular XChat or other variants are affected) or Pidgin client, the IRC network we're using was recently hit by individuals who have found a way to crash your clients. If you find that your client keeps crashing when starting up or connecting to our channels, update your client to the latest version.

    If updating XChat-WDK doesn't work, try the following:
    Delete %APPDATA%\X-Chat 2\scrollback

    If updating Pidgin doesn't work, try the following:
    Download, install and enable this plugin:

    You may or may not have to clear your log/scrollback too.

    We'll update this post as we discover ways to fix it on affected clients.
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    Thanks for the notice!
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    what kinda retard would even try to f*** up bukkit? c'mon people :D go mess up someone else like minecraftforums :p
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    In most Linux distros it's going to be ~/.xchat2/scrollback .
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    Thanks for the heads up, although I do use the XChat client I have not experienced any of these problems. If I do I will make sure to give this a shot... Although just switching might be a better option.
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    Thanks for this, I was wondering why it crashed earlier. :)
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    my command prompt keeps on crashing when i try to start from the bukkit shortcut.... is this the same problem as your mentioning in this post?
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    This post is about the chatroom used for discussing Bukkit, it has nothing to do with Bukkit on your computer.
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    what dose this client do?
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    Sushi Dude

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    Happy I switched to Irssi now.
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    First Jenkins down due high load, now the IRC channels sabotaged.
    Looks like the pathetic part of the internet has targeted Bukkit again (I mean, common, go bug the CIA or something, they are supposed to hide all the interesting info).

    I'm expecting a dDOS attack any time now...
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    People can be such a pain!
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    For real? How immature people are....
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    More information has been added to the first post as an update has been released for XChat-WDK.
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    Good old IRC warfare. :) Brings back memories of the mid-90's... WinNuke, riding server splits for op access, and the like. :)
  18. i can't access ci.bukkit.org anymore? i don't have the permission :( ?
    do i have to have a account on github now?
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    Why would they even want to target Bukkit?!
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    alot of times it's simply out of boredom, usually younger people with nothing better to do than to target a random victim and troll them... we had the same thing happen to us a few years ago on ladderhall, a group of kids decided it would be funny to brute force the forums and delete everything and then redirect the URL to a "gay porn" site loaded with viruses... thanks to backups and a knowledgable community it wasn't down for long and the group of kids got what they deserved...

    thankfully this doesn't seem nearly as harsh. still annoying it would seem though.....
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    Build 1499-4 fixes the crashing issue with a plugin that replaces the offending characters. Make absolutely sure when you update you install the Non-BMP plugin, since that's what fixes it.

    However, it's still a GTK issue at heart and they need to get on the ball and fix it.
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    XChat-WDK 1499-5 is out with a built-in fix for the recent client crashes. You just have to next-next-finish the installer, it should take care of everything (it even uninstalls the now-deprecated Non-BMP plugin). The filter is narrowed down and deleting the scrollback is no longer necessary.

    FYI: only Windows builds using the gtk.org GTK+ releases are affected.
  24. If something can be f**ked up, there sure is someone there to do it. Sad really. Some people do anything to get some attention...
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    seriously why mess up a good thing? bukkit is one of the best sites i've come across in a long time.... what a bunch of dicks
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  26. Guys, it has nothing to do with Bukkit's IRC channels specifically. People are just mass pasting it into lots of IRC channels and probably some programs that rely on GTK+ which aren't for IRC.

    It's a bug in GTK+. This actually turns me away from wanting to use it. Why would there be a problem with non-bitmapped characters? Why doesn't it just use true type or open type where it's entirely vector?
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    Huh? It has NOTHING to do with bitmaps. BMP in this case stands for Basic Multilingual Plane.
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  28. Thanks for clearing that up. This is why I hate abbreviations.
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    First post updated with information on how to protect yourself/recover from the crash.
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    Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun.

    (It wasn't me)

    I did not see this coming.
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