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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Loup, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Please read the full post i know it's a lot but please read

    Hello everyone. My name is Louis and i recently scored a job (finally!) so i have decided to put some money down on a nice server as well as created my own forum and website from scratch. I wanted to make a grand PvP server with unique and defining plugins to mold my server into something great. I currently am having a lot of problems with my server. I am able to run my server and have others join but when it comes to the plugins i am so lost. I know how to edit them obviously in notepad (some are hard to read though) but i just can't get a lot of them to work. I read the Wiki and the thread about them and i am positive i am doing it right and they still do not work every time. If anyone has any advice on installing these plugins and how to do it right and make them work together that would be great. I am planning on paying over 100 dollars for my server + other fee's every month so i would really appreciate getting some help on making this server..

    • work with said plugins below
    • update itself with the latest versions of the plugins being used
    • reconnect the server when it crashes automatically
    These are the plugins i want to use on my server, i need them all to work together...

    BOSEconomy [X]
    Permission [X]
    Essentials [X]
    World Guard [X]
    StyxBed [X]
    DonateMSG [X]
    DeathBroadcaster [X]
    MagicSpells [X]
    Funblock [X]
    SpamHammer [X]
    Gold2Economy [X]
    Residence [X]
    TradeMod [X]
    ShowCase [X]
    Punga [X]
    Archers B10 [X]
    Phat Loot [X]
    Turnstile [X]

    If you know which ones will not work together please tell me, i am positive they all can work together. All of those have BOSeconomy support as well. If there is someway someone can help me set up a server using all of these plugins (or able ones) that can update itself and reconnect when crashed i would be more than happy to repay you somehow. I could possibly repay you buy giving you Admin on my server, advertising your plugins/server on my website for my server which i will be hosting when my server is actually functioning properly with what i want, or straight up paying you in money (if i can).

    All in all i want to create a great server which i can customize greatly and use thesep lugins for a grand PvP experience with about 50+ players. I am willing to spend a lot of money on my server so i want to make a great server a lot can enjoy for free.

    Thank you a lot in advance, i hope to get some help to make a serverthat a lot can possibly enjoy for free :)
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    I don't know how but i know that Lottery doesn't work properly, and WolfPound sometimes glitches.
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    alright, i guess i will take those off the list and not use them. Thank you for at least helping a tad bit.
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    If they are up to RB1000, than they should work, however... I personally prefer iConomy!
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    pvp server? have you looked at the war tdm plugin?
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    ty for the replies. Tdm is not exactly what i want, but thank you anyways. Iconomy is great, but from what i read i cannot give players money on a payroll (example: Player bob has played 1 hour he gets 5 coins).

    if anyone can help me a lot i will be more than happy to give you moderator and admin on my website and server when they are up and running and give you credit on both.
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