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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 1swiftfox1, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Okay so I have Flans Plane mod found below
    And I also have Bukkit but when I run the server with bukkit planes mod doesn't work, well it sort of does, for example if I try and craft something like lets say a propeller it shows it quick than it disappears and I cant spawn any items, so it works but doesnt, anyone know anything at all about this. Please help!
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    Are you sure it works with Bukkit? I don't know from experience but that looks like it only works with Vanilla Servers.

    It sounds like the Modded client creates it correctly, bukkit doesn't know what it is and removes it.
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    Yeah like when I make a idk like a plane piece I see it for like a second than it deletes it... so yeah I think the mod works but bukkit is like WTF and deletes it.. :S anyone have any idea of what I should do?
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    There would have to be a plugin created for Bukkit. Try the plugin request forums.
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    Seems someone beat me to it. So mp modloaders won't work with bukkit?
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    Yeah I tried Planes Mod on my Bukkit at one point. I could craft things but I just couldn't take it out of the workbench. I don't think Flan is planning on making this Bukkit-compatible either.
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    I have tried the same mod, but I saw under the troubleshooting folder that the list of mods are not combatible with bukkit, so it will not work unless you use another kind of server.
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    Works far as I can tell, asides from not using a recommended build which does lead to some plugins having issues. Once the mod's removed all entities belonging to the mod simply disappear so no cleanup really involved.
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    I do not know how to put it on my server can someone walk me through it
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    Umm same as @Qardmaster this is really confuddling =(
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