bukkit Dev needs to cater to the server owner as well. (Idea's)

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by RustyDagger, Feb 26, 2012.

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    The way I see bukkit dev is what is the point in providing the developers a nice system and leaving the people that need to use it in the dark. Granted the current system is better than searching the forum pages. But its not that much better if you know what I mean.

    Here is My idea for An awesome system for all Its merely an addon to what we have now.


    A new Page Called Installed Plugins.
    A button on Project pages to mark the plugin as installed.

    When a project Uploads a new file A Marker appears on the Installed plugins page. the Link at the top could display a number if there is an update or 2 so you don't need to visit the page just to check for updates. This could be expanded to Email Notifications or some other Pm or some thing as well.

    The Plugins page should have an expandable Box like a spoiler when you click the plugins name in there there could be a uninstall button and the latest details from the change log.

    All the Above would reduce the load on the search system by a ton because server owners wont be using it to find projects to check for updates.

    bla bla use an updating plugin Well NO its not the best idea around as it can cause issues and takes the control away from the server owner.

    Just my feed back thoughts on how it could be better
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    Great Ideas!
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    I think curse is planning on adding software that does this to something like their curse-client or a similar server managed solution. Granted you can just use the www.curse.com portal and manage your plugins via that (add them as favorites).

    Just a small notice, generally the development sites (dev.bukkit.org, wowace, etc) are considered for-developers. The curse.com page which is searchable is for-users.
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    Adding them as favorites doesn't really help as you still have to check if there even is an update. But it's th best we can do right now. Can't wait for that curse software to be released!
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    I dont think some other Download is the Right thing at all. It should be made into the site. Seems a bit pointless doing it any other way. well to me any way. but knowing curse its probable so they can put ads in the program to make money or some thing like that.. or track us better..
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    FYI; Go to the plugin pages you use, click "Subscriptions" and subscribe to "File updates".

    You'll now get emails with links to new releases when they're uploaded.
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    Yay, e-mail spammed :D
    I'd rather have the things described above then.. that.
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    You can select whether you want notifications directly (good for security issues) or hourly, daily and weekly.

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    No the Page is Important in the setup and I dont Want the Email i just said It could be expanded to that if the user wanted to aka Put a tick box on the page to toggle getting emails for updates of that plugin.

    So plugins that are important like Essentials I would consider getting emails for.
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    RustyDagger You can select which plugins you get email updates, just select 'Subscriptions' tab on that plugin, and choose email updates.
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    Yeah, because nobody has already mentioned that or anything. ^.^
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