Bukkit dev down? or is it my isp...?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by 77tontos, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Well i recently switched my isp and since then i have had an error message. My isp by defualt covers pages that do not exist with its own message and thats what i get when go there. my Isp is metrocast and this is the error i get.

    [SIZE=6][B]Sorry, "dev.bukkit.org" does not exist or could not be found[/B][/SIZE]
    The website you are looking for may be experiencing  problems, is temporarily unavailable, or there was a typing error in the  address.
    Error: ([URL='http://search.metrocast.net/main?InterceptSource=0&ClientLocation=us&ParticipantID=395mkf5ubu67lz5b8al85r9dmhbmtf7c&FailureMode=1&SearchQuery=&FailedURI=http%3A%2F%2Fdev.bukkit.org%2F&AddInType=4&Version=2.1.8-1.78base&Referer=&Implementation=0#']DNS[/URL]), click the [IMG]http://search.metrocast.net/partnerdata/395mkf5ubu67lz5b8al85r9dmhbmtf7c/images/arrow.gif[/IMG] back button to try another link.
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    It is up, your ISP may not be resolving it properly.

    dev.bukkit.org resolves to:

    You can check this by doing "nslookup dev.bukkit.org" in command.

    To fix this, you can use a third party DNS such as google.. go to your connection settings and change DNS to
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    Oh i see. but how would i change my DNS? would it be browser, router, or just the connection?
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    If you're on windows it will be in your adapter / TCP-IP properties. You might need to google it.
    "Change DNS settings windows"
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    Well couldent fiure it out that easy googling it but i looked at youtube. I LOVE YOU , (in a totaly non gay way. haha :p)
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