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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Thallo, Jan 24, 2011.

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    is there already a wiki for bukkit like it was for hey0 (http://hey0.net/javadoc/PluginListener.html) ?

    would be greate if somebody could post a link or say where i can find it so that i don't have to ask for each command.

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    There's a javadoc, and an official wiki, located at http://javadoc.lukegb.com/Bukkit/ and http://wiki.bukkit.org/Main_Page respectively.

    I am also working on an unofficial one, since I don't feel that either of those live up to standards one might expect. It's far from complete though, and at the moment I am the only one who's actively working on it.
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    thx robhol for the quick answer thumbs up!
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    Why don't you just register an account and work on the official documentation?
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    EvilSeph Retired Staff

    Documentation will come when there are things to properly document... I wrote the entire hMod documentation and will do so for Bukkit too when the time comes. The "official" documentation is lacking because there's little point to document a moving target.
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    I don't like the official wiki or it's layout/framework. I'm not denying there's a possibility that I'll ever put in some work, but I've already spent considerable amounts of time and effort on the very framework of my own, and I'm not too psyched about having it end up in vain for what I consider poor reasons.

    Why don't YOU--! ... oh, never mind. :)
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    Someone please tell me how long time there will go before Bukkit comes. is it days? weeks? or maybe months?
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