Bukkit and OpenCL

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AussieBacom, Apr 1, 2012.

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    So I'm not much of a code junky myself, I have only been getting into it in the fast few weeks. My friend told me about the amount of power graphics card possess, he said it was called OpenCL.

    So ive been divulging into OpenCL and questioned... Does OpenCL work with Java, further more could it work with Bukkit?

    Also to go with that, things like jCuda?

    Any ideas?
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    OpenCL, Cuda, DirectCompute, etc are useful for very specific tasks.
    It's powerful but certainly not applicable to everything.

    In the context of Bukkit there's no real benefit in offloading tasks to the GPU.
    In the context of Minecraft there might be a few graphics relation portions, but even these are questionable whether they'd benefit from such effort.
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    What about things like WorldEdit?
    Also what about tnt explosions etc, all of this is a problem when it comes to mass proportions at the moment.
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    Nope, not even close to the kind of task that gpu computing would do well.

    It's very specialized but also comes with significant latency.
    Even if those tasks could be crunched on the GPU, the amount of latency to get the data to the GPU and back would already make it not worth it.
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    General purpose GPU computing is only useful for problems that can be broken down into many (thousands) of tiny, completely independent sub-problems. Things such as adding one to every element of a one million byte array.
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