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Discussion in 'General Help' started by Ian50z, Jan 27, 2016.

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    I recently bought a minecraft server on mcprohosting. I made it an FTB Infinity server but I wanted a couple plugins such as SimpleDeathBan which would ban people when they died for around 10 min. I also wanted buycraft so when people pay a fee they are white-listed onto the server instantly. I have both plugins downloaded in the plugin directory but they do not load/work. Its like the server does not read them. Buycraft says it needs bukkit but I do not know how to get bukkit and FTB Infinity to work at the same time. Any suggestions?
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    The problem is that FTB's source code is not the same ass bukkit's code. You would need to ask BuyCraft/SimpleDeathBan to have their plugins also built off of the FTB server. Simply create a ticket on their PD page about what you want, and hopefully someone will respond.
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    @Ian50z I think Cauldron is what you are looking for. I heard it allows Bukkit and Minecraft mods to be installed on the server.
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