Bukkit - an autobiography

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by feildmaster, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Thanks for bukkit. :D It has helped my server alot, and other servers too. :3
    I have a question though. Does Mojang own bukkit now? I have been confused about this. :p
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  2. Thank you for all what you've done for this project!
    I know your name from github. I've seen so many contributions done with your name, so when i saw that you are leaving too, i've read your "autobiography". (from the first to the last word)
    It's really sad, that so many staff members are leaving. All with "good reasons" sure, but it's still sad that this amazing project gets abandoned.
    I would even call it the "end of minecraft". Servers running bukkit, respectively running its plugins is why minecraft is as popular as it is today.
    Even if a new community-made server with a such api is going to be published: you've the biggest community-made plugin database, so i think, only a server that supports bukkit plugins has the possiblity to "survive". And only if a such server (or bukkit) exists, minecraft will keep its popularity.

    There is just one thing i missed:
    Why does Wolverness "killed" his "own" project?
    When he has problems with Mojang, then he should go against Mojang with his DCMA's!
    He've stolen the community the project which revolutionized minecraft...
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    I have not really posted before, but I have been using bukkit almost since it was first released. This farewell was very "gut-wrenching" and I am sad to see all of you go.

    For starters, I want to apologize to you, fieldmaster, for not once saying "Thank YOU For Your Hard Work". Until I started programming, I never understood how much of an under appreciated position it is for anyone. I sincerely apologize.

    Second, I would like to finally say Thank YOU for your dedication and hard work on bukkit! You (and all bukkit team members) will be sorely missed!

    public class GoodbyeDevs
      public static void main(String[] args)
          System.out.println("Good Bye!");
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    :'( Everyone is making me teary eyed
    Yes, they do (for the past 2 years apparently).

    I'm sorry I can't answer for him. :(
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    Thanks for all your hard work feildmaster. It does not go unappreciated or unnoticed. (seed419/alureon)
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  6. I always had a big question mark about the way bukkit and minecraft were released, every release of mc results in release of bukkit. That is a hell of lot work, for mostly no big reason.(bug fix or what ever)
    It's very lame of the first developers who went to Mojang, not to ease up on the new bukkit developers, making their life bearable.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in Bukkit, for me that is the only real mc server there is. I do hope the Mojang gang can find it in their heart to reward you guys financially for growing the mc community thru bukkit.
    You guys kept it going, and kept the plugins creators eager to build more and expanding.

    Solong and goodbye !!
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    Thanks for sharing your story, Feildmaster. I never knew how much work it really took behind the scenes to keep Bukkit running. Without Bukkit, my server and thousands of others would never have flourished. The future is now scary for us server owners. What will happen to our own communities we have developed and put so much time and effort into?

    Still, I now understand why you and other Bukkit staff are leaving. I wish you the best. And give you a BIG thanks for all your hard work. Good luck on your future endeavors.
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    You will be missed!
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    Very interesting to read how bukkit worked and its history, and I'm glad you put in the effort to write that post.

    that post also kinda inspired me, whatever big thing which comes after bukkit (doubt it will be the official API, mojang is still dragging their feet over it) I want to help contribute to it, now that's I've become rather good at java and C++. It also give me a bit more inspiration to step up development on a completely unrelated project which I'm a developer of (CoH:EF). While definitely something much smaller than craftbukkit, I can kinda relate with some of the stuff you mentioned, especially with the part of doing the grunt work which no one really wants to do, or how a grateful message from a user who enjoys the work and effort you put into something feels

    Also, your post gives some scale as to how much work was put into bukkit and by so many people. I just wish their was some way for all those years of contributions and work to live on

    Anyways good luck with your future and whatever you choose to pursue, and hopefully we will see you again
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    Thank you guys for everything you've done.
    I will remember all of you and what you have done for the minecraft.
    :'( Respect! :'(
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    After the update of 1.8, I decided to get on Bukkit and look for the updated version of Bukkit 1.8 but all I found were extremely sad posts of administrators leaving. I have little left to say, but I wish good luck to anyone still contributing to the project :).
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this post, on one hand you comment about everyone leaving..
    The other hand wishes good luck to everyone still here? (Curse, Mojang, and the few that have yet to retire)
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    I really appreciate all your self-denying work. Go ahead with no regrets.
    Good luck!
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    when is bukkit 1.8.1 coming?
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    I hope this is meant to be funny.
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    vestaking You can download it here:

    Seriously though, feildmaster, thank you for all your contributions to the bukkit project. It was fun while it lasted. </3
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    Thank you for being apart of the Community feildMaster we will all miss THANK FOR WORKING ON BUKKIT OVER THE YEARS :) we will miss you
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    no when is bukkit 1.8.1 coming i dont speak english :( translation not work

    lol i dotn spea, english

    sorry if i say someting wrong my english is very bad im dutch

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    I don't know, maybe never. :(

    Are you [UG]NEON_000? That message was for him.
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    Well not entirely unexpected, the new business manager at mojang said basically, pay us or stop getting paid. Followed by 80% of the servers going linkdead a month later, and the ones that didn't getting legal threats from mojang lawyers if they were still taking payments. Even tho 95% of the servers were self funded, they did offer payment options just to ease the burdon. Of those a lot of the commercial datacentres offering minecraft pulled the plug on it too, killing off a large amount of the remaining 20%.

    For the bukkit/etc developers - they were mostly doing it for love of the game, not money, but there was always the comfort that, in a perfect world they /could/ have been paid. Now not even that hope has been allowed to them.

    When 98% of your players are too young to even have a bank account; and when they grew up they would often give a donation just as a way to say thanks to the server operators for all the fun times- and now you are not even allowed to do that, it sucks for all involved.

    I am still running my server, but I have put in a freeze on updates. Which sucks as many of our core plugins are still offline since the previous updates. But at least everyones hard work is still online. There are hacks that allow you to download entire chunks offline, many of my players used that to save local copies of their work at least.

    Minecraft has been a wild ride, but like all software companies, when they get big, they hire lawyers, and lawyers went to school 30 years or more ago, so the advice they give is completely out of touch with reality, and the software companies start acting like w*nkers afterwards.

    Another thing that has been slowly killing minecraft is Mojangs irrational avoidance of steam. Can you imagine what minecraft with steam workshop would have been like? Take a game like space engineers (bit like minecraft in space) or starforge (minecraft on an alien world with modern graphics) or a dozen other games - Mod integration, massive audience; automatic updating. Mojang has cornered themself out of the market they them self made with the DMCA style paranoia of their new business manager, and the completely dinosaur lawyers he hired.

    The only surprise here is the amount of time bukkit held on before the resignations started.

    We should all give them a personal thankyou for all their efforts over the years. Even if we cant pay them anything now :mad:

    Thanks guys, from me and all the 25,000+ players that passed through my BUKKIT server over the last 4 years.

    PS ... Ever considered building a GNU voxel game with mod support together yourself? How hard can if be? Notch did it - and he himself admits he sucked at coding. Imagine a game made by a team that actually knows their game? You could even code it in a proper language!

    Good luck guys! Loving your work.
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    Thanks you guys for everything you've done! I'll miss you guys!
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    He didn't
    Mojang betrayed him
    I blame mojang honestly.
    Glad that MS is taking over

    I'll miss ya feildmaster <3

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  23. i blame bukkit and wolf mostly
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    You blame bukkit for... what? Existing for 3 years? For making a popular server api? For not making money off of it? For letting server owners do what they want with it (including making a living)?

    I don't see what you're trying to get at.
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    I've been a mostly anonymous Bukkit user for the last couple years, running a server for my friends, family, and coworkers and whoever happens to come by. Since I have been as guilty of not expressing my gratitude as apparently most others, let me say now a hearty Thank You for the work you did on my behalf.

    My server will continue - albeit mothballed from updates - and we'll continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor until perhaps some other dedicated adventurers decide to pick up the flag and march forward.

    Thank you all for the work done so far
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  26. When i has a problem with mojang, why does he "killed" his own project in state of attacking mojang?
    Where is the sense? It's a community project...
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    Thank you for Bukkit and more, but its so sad that you are just leaving..... P.S. The magical index or Magnatic Railgun Photo is cool.
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    I'm actually not sure which series this (specific) photo is from anymore.
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    I have been with Minecraft a long time. Not as long as some people but still significant. I came in beta 1.7.3 and after enjoying playing the game, started a server with my friends. After being frustrated with the complicated process of installing vanilla mods, I turned to bukkit. Hardly ever have I taken the time out to thank people for their contributions, and must admit that at times have been complaining in my head about bukkit not being up to date. Now, I cincerely regret this and wish to make up for it by giving out a huge thank you to all the bukkit staff as well as all the plugin developers of which have made bukkit what it is today. feildmaster, I read your post from start to finish which has given me great respect for all the staff at bukkit. Thank you very much once again for all that you have done for the community.
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    Ok, is bukkit dying? It sounds like it is.
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