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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by leegee333, May 16, 2013.

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    I have written and published an Android app that allows you to administrate a Bukkit server running the JSONApi plugin.
    I'm currently working on the road map for the application and would really like your feedback.

    Currently implemented

    Automatically optimize for either tablet or handset
    Manage multiple server connections
    View and modify current server details
    View online and offline server players
    Change players server roles (OP/Whitelist/Banned/Game mode)
    View players inventory (with limited interaction)
    View Dynmap (if installed/running)
    Live Console
    Live Chat
    New chat and /calladmin notifications

    Road Map...

    In game Armor management (in progress)
    Modular plugin addons (individual modules tailored for each plugin)
    Economy management
    Permissions management

    Plugin Management is probably the highest on my list at the moment, but I am very open to other ideas. What do you think I should look at adding ?
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    I would love to test this for you, I think there should be a standard "Stop/Start" buttons and you got most of them available already, what is your top priority to lowest?
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    Do you mean options to stop and start the server ?
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    Now includes full Minecraft Item/Block data for MC 1.5
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    We have moved our test server to a dedicated VM

    Anyone who is using the free version will need to change the server address if they want to test against our server. The new address is minecraft.geewiztech.com
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    I just used the MCLite - Free app for my android. I basically join the game, and have a chat area where I can type ANY command and say ANY chat.
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    New Update; Notes: Added advertising... From here to zero in 0sec.

    Does one really need full payment for an app? Thats like bukkit saying they want $1 for every download. Keep apps for free things, free.
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    Can't find it on Google Play, definitely MCLite ?

    The advertising is discreet and you can opt out.

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Why does this app need:
    • Approximate (network-based) location
    • Precise (GPS and network-based) location
    • Read phone status and identity (Access to the phone number of the device as well as any calls made)
    • Create shortcuts without user intervention
    • Modify the browser's history/bookmarks
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    To be honest I'm not sure about Read phone status and identity, I think it may be due to the notification library I use. The others are all for the leadbolt add service.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    So all these privacy issues just so you can make a few cents?
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    You make a good point. I will probably remove it.

    Having looked into the leadbolt add library and taking mbaxters comments into account I have removed everything, however the Read phone status and identity permissions remain, if you are using the app and are unhappy with this permission please uninstall the app while I track down what library is adding the intent.

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    Massive update to the item/block database. Weapons and Armor added, recipe framework in place and should be in place early next week.
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    Latest version

    Version 1.080 -
    Removed permissions that were not needed
    In app Billing Added (mainly for free version)
    4 minor API bugs fixed
    Introduced a style system (not public yet)
    Overhauled the look and feel of the app
    More database enhancements
    Changed underlying console code
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    A very important update has been released, it fixes a bug where you can't save your server settings. Please manually update to 1.081 (pro and free) if you don't auto-update via Google Play.
  18. You should add a Log for the server so you can see what people are using what commands and what things are said

    Also you could write in java but While you can write code in Java 7, the Android Systems that run it only support upto Java 6, so 7 features like switch-case on Strings or comparing them with == will fail.
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    Did you post to the right thread ?
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    The console allows you to see a log of what is happening on the server.

    The app is not written in Java
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    Both free and pro have been updated. The updates are minor (cosmetic and some changes to how live chat is handled)

    Pro has had Remote Toolkit added to allow you to stop/start/restart your server from your android device
  22. By your progress of updates you'll need a plugin for the app
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    What do you mean ?
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    There is a plugin for the app (jsonapi)
  25. do you want the app to have ios6 support

    Bukit these days is becoming ad infested and also 99.8% of free ios/android apps have ads on them.

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    So you don't support the developers decision to add a form of revenue to a free application. This guy isn't even asking for a donation. Buy his paid app, or quit complaining.

    Also, android and iOS applications have no reflection of bukkit. Bukkit is open source software, and contains no type of ads in it.
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    The ads have been removed because a wise man once said 'So all these privacy issues just so you can make a few cents?' (thanks mbaxter)
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    Dude, i'm reinstalling JSON API, I used to use adminium from the app store on my iphone, I switched to Android, and have been looking for a plugin for a while. Thanks for the app!
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