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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by owen_a, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I was wondering when a stable release will be out for bukkit? If anyone could give me an estimated time, that'd be great.

    Now onto my problem. I have permissions installed and it uses SQL. Everytime I use Essentials, people cannot build, but I can since I'm an admin. When I take essentials off, everyone can build. What could this be? Thanks!
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    put essentials.build in your permissions
  3. there is no exact release date for bukkit's next RB, when they feel that it is safe to put it up they will
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    How do you add a permission to it?

    EDIT: Thank's DT_Rush I understand
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    Open the config file and under the groups part of the file it should list the permissions for each group, admin is likely just a * (means all permissions allowed) but for regular users you can add permissions 'nodes' like essentials.build to the list, then they will be enabled for the user.

    Here is their command list, and website.

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    I mean for the Permissions plugin? I would like to have essentials, but not the permissions side to it, so if there is a way to disable it, that would be great. I do want the permissions SQL plugin though to be the main plugin for my permissions. The problem what I am having is that every-time I install essentials, my users don't have permission to build etc. It would be cool if you could link it to another plugin? like permissions?
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    Oh right I see, well as far as I'm aware, essentials is made to 'take over' any other permissions plug-in, I'm not sure if there is a way to disable that part of it as the entire plug-in is based on permissions? I can't recommend any others as I have only used Bukkit Permissions and Essentials sorry.

    The best way to get an answer would be the post in the thread for Essentials, I found this on their website


    Can I use previously generated warp files in Essentials?

    If the warps are saved to .txt format point of sale software you can move that file into the plugins/Essentials folder and it will be loaded, but there is no way to convert MyWarp files at this time.
    I currently use permissions can I use essentials?

    Essentials is compatible with permissions, you will simply need to add the correct command nodes and make sure you dont have essentialsgroupmananger.jar and essentialsgroupbridge.jar. You could also convert to Group Manager, which comes preconfigured for essentials.
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