Bukkit 1.5 update?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Drapht16, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Hello, I was just wondering when will bukkit have its update for 1.5 and if it already does could someone please post a link in the comments.
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    It will be ready when its ready, they havent given a release date yet. Secondly next time you should actually search it up on the forum as there were 20-30 threads created with the same question today.
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    Indeed. If the file is not ready, then you must wait!
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    It'll be out when it'll be out.
    Please, it's a lot of work, just be patient.
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    In about an hour * 99
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    In about tree fiddy
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    Please stop asking ._.
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    It will be ready, when it is ready.
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    inb4 TnT
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  10. It will be out when the fat lady sings :D
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    To tell a person that stop asking does not prevent other people who can't look or search in a forum to create a new thread with 1.5 when is it out?.

    The issue does lie in the people who can't search, does not help to say stop asking.

    Estimated time for release:
    [Input your wish here]
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    I wish for an instant Recommended builds that are up to date with the latest Minecraft Update with 0%bugs!
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    It's been almost 24 hrs!!
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    y u mad tho?
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    :mad:[pig] When will the new Bukit 1.5 OWL SAY!!!!![diamond]
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    Everyone should stop sitting around F5'ing the devbuilds page and start thinking about how you're gonna add quartz ore to your nethers.
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    Ery easy to do with mcedit. Just replace X% of the netherrack. Even though that would place them in weird places, it would work.
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    Or you can select some region with World Edit and do the same :D
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    If you want to crash the whole machine your server's running on, then yes, you could do that too :p
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    i was just wondering, some of my friends have 1.5 craftbukkit......no joke and i am about to skype him and see how he did it but is there somewhere else that you could get the craftbukkit 1.5?because my friend did....
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    Ewwww no. Ugly ugly ugly. :I
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    I gave my users an announcement about a week ago saying that the nether would be reset.
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    why is that such a bad thing to ask? i would like to know how long it will be tell i get a 1.5 sever online to see what all my plugins do.... saying "It will be ready, when it is ready" does not help! all we are asking is, is it going to be today or 3 weeks from now...
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    Locked. The team is diligently working on an update, but we cannot provide any ETA because it is impossible to know how long it will take.
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