Bukkit 1.4.6 No one can join ?? Why

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by angelii0517, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Ive made this server for about 2 months ago. Ive been looking for solutions to fix this. I have a vonage. My local IP is static. ok First......

    I made the server i logged in it. Works perfect.
    Second.. I portforward it and still no one can join.
    I took of firewall and no one can join.
    I put my port in firewall. Doesnt work.
    I gave the people my IP for they can join. They cant join they tell me.
    Someone PLEASE help me ... I log in with my local ip but people cant join with this IP.​
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    angelii0517, have you verified that the port is open by going to http://canyouseeme.org and scanning the Minecraft port? Make sure your server is running when you try scanning it.
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    Yes verify port!
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    I started the server and minecraft and scanned and it said I could not see your service on173.0.11.234 on port (25565)
    Reason: Connection timed out
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    So either your port forwarding is not set up properly, or something else is blocking the port. That's why others can't connect.
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    Ensure your windows firewall is properly configured to ignore your server.
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    How do i do that.? I turned off firewall
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    I think i know what i did wrong. a video said to port forward Wireless Router. But when i do CMD>IPCONFIG it doesnt show wireless. It shows ethernet... So i do know my wireless gateway but not the IPV4 if i know the ipv4 then i can fix it and check again. Anyone knows how i can get my IPV4 for my wireless router. Doesnt pop up in IPCONFIG..
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    what does it say as default gateway in ipconfig for ethernet?
    enter that ip into your browser and you will be able to port-forward
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