Bukkit 1.3 Dev Build Laggy

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by effortless, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I don't know if its just us, but whether we have 10 or 70 players on the Server, players glitch around as if the server is lagging hard, and we get regular pauses and high CPU usage

    It can't be our specs, we have a Dedicated E3-1270, 16GB RAM and 2 64GB SSD's in RAID 0

    I've reduced the plugins from 50 to 25, no effect.

    I understand its a dev build yada yada, but would love to know if anyone is also having the issue?

    Also, /gc reports 25,000 chunks loaded? On a new temp map! Our old map had at most 5000

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    Same thing with 2 ppl on with 4 gig ram and 25 plugins
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    Evilseph reported lag relating to chat plugins. Try those maybe?
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    Disabled and still iffy, seems even when the tick rate is high (60 players, 18TPS right now), players still glitch around
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    Same here, pretty big lag spikes (About 40 players online). Normally there wouldn't be any hint of lag. Have not tried turning off any plugins yet because I joined another few servers and they were also lagging.
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    No lag at all with ~20 plugins. I would guess it's one or more of the plugins you use.

    You should run a quick test on a temp map without plugins to make sure if it's really the dev build causing the lag.
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    I notice movement in general is laggy, even without bukkit. I think this is due to the reduced packets in 1.3.1, less smooth movement for less packets. Seems fair I guess.
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    31732 chunks, 10135 entities

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    Could be something to do with an out dated plugin.

    Have you tried removing ALL plugins?
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    Using #2281 is much, much smoother. Entity & Chunk count has reduced 10 fold, players are walking smoother, smoother in chat too

    much better :)
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    How do you know it ?
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    Yes, its a dev build. As always, use at your own risk.
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    IF your view distance it 10 reduce it to 5 (itll cut chunk usage by at least half if not more)
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    /gc, requires essentials

    View distance is 6, no change

    We're up to 100 players and 3TPS on the custom build, CPU is very high, hope it can get sorted!
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    We're running 110 at 14 tps on 6 gb of ram with the same processor , machine has 16gb ram and 2 other servers running on it. and 2 standard hdd's in raid 1. A bit of tuning is required to get it working properly , but in the end itll still be very laggy and borderline unplayable since it is still early in the dev process.

    Its just the lag spikes that make it annoying, seems to have to do with a high amount of logins.
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    I've heard that there are issues with NoLagg with 1.3, if you're using that try removing it and see if the situation improves at all. That's all I can think of.
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    turn off nolaggs chunk handling and its other features will still work properly
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    I'm having lag spike issues as well even with build #2281. It's good to know it's a known issue at least. The lag usually starts occurring after about 5 people log on. Less than that it and seems fine. After that, there's block lag, chat lag, & gaping world holes.

    I believe the culprit is Multiverse since after removing all the plugins except for multiworld management, the lag still existed.
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    yup, priority nr 1, fix the lagspikes :)
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    Weird, we've disabled multiverse a day ago and its still happening

    It seems to happen over time, 8 hours into the server being on and it was at 1.6TPS, now running at 18 with 70 players. Another serv has theirs set to reboot every 4 hours, i might do that.
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    I found that even without removing a lot of plugins (just the outdated ones) as the builds get better lag decreases. Hopefully things will be good in the first recommended build!
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    beyond hoping, it would kill bukkit
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    We've never had multiverse, but i ehard multiverse keeps some chunsks loaded, current isues are lag spikes and more chunks that normal beeing loaded
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    For me, my plugins work, but the chunks just don't render and my players sometimes fall out of the world.
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    Same it's terrible ;[
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    After a while, it completely lags everything. Plugin commands stop responding, the world stops loading, but for some reason the chat wasn't lagging.
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    thats a new thing they put in, to give chat priority.. i rather have it the other way around as i think gameplay is alot more important then chitter
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