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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Hamish_G, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I was on the plugin requests and requested a simple money plugin much like the base /money from iConomy and some people said that having a base currency like this built into the actual mod would be pretty cool so i thought i would post it here as some feedback/suggestions to see what you as the developers thought.
    So it would basically be /money to see how much you have and /pay to pay people and maybe even have it so that every 24 hours everyone on the server was automatically given 50/100 coins and this whole feature could be disabled or enabled in the mod properties file.

    Hope you like the idea :)
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    I'm completely on board with this idea, just adding a simple money variable to all players or having something plugins can store extra player data too would be nice.

    Having it so plugins can use the actual 'players' table the base mod uses would be awesome.
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    I would personally prefer to keep all extras as separate plugins, it keeps the main server (Bukkit) more lightweight and less for the developers to keep track of.
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    Acually what bukkit could do is allow the core server to control some sort of data sharing system.
    Allow extra data to be appended to players data and other things for all plugins to use.
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    Yeah, i just think it will cause less confusion with which currency plugin to get, it is very confusing deciding which fits your server best and i think having the basic currency in the main mod would be really helpful :)
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    I'm a little worried that it doesn't fit the design principles that they stated when posting about Bukkit; since not everybody will use the feature, it might end up being extra bloat to just add a money field to players.

    By default, though, using SQL, it's easy to add extra data for players; just create a table that links to the player's ID.
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    I guess so, i just thought it would be a useful feature :)
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    I agree that it's a useful feature; I'm just saying that once you start adding stuff like that to the official API, it starts to add more and more bloat to the server that can be offloaded to a plugin.

    Now, what would be good is if iConomy / TNE / new economy supported reading from the same datasource.
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    Yeah, i get that, maybe the bukkit team could make an official plugin for it instead so that you can chose one that will be a bit less confusing made by the team that makes the actual mod :)
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    That would be excellent. :)
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    They SHOULD use the same damn datasource!
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    I think if maybe they made an open source plugin that others could take and edit to add new features to it would help with this maybe?
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    no not built in. Just as an plugin okey, but not build in.
    I (and likely others) don't want currency in there server. So why built in? Plugin works fine, fast and easy editteable
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    If you had read i suggested built in but with the ability to disable it in the mod .properties stuff.
    Or that they could release an official currency plugin that would be open source and allow others to use and edit that.
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    moved to appropriate forum.
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    Bukkit should remain as lightweight as possibile. As lightweight as Mineserver!
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    I don't think it should be extremely light weight but just a slightly more light weight version of hMod but with the same kind of features, but then i guess it is up to the developer.
    As long as it has all the functionality needed then it should be great :)
    Also, i did say that it could be released as an official plugin made by the Bukkit dev team :)
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    IMO, if Bukkit aims for extensibility, adding something like this (which isn't even part of the original gameplay concept) should be left for plugins/scripts. Why should this be a mandatory "feature" that everybody had to use?
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    Actually it wouldn't be to bad if they had the option to turn the feature off; because i actually wouldn't use it.

    But the points made about the lightweightness of bukkit do make alot of sense.

    It actually should be left to plugin developers for the fact that it would be optional for one, and it would be better for updates on it, etc.
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    Well bukkit is in two parts, one hooks notch's code and one implements the plugins, and core server. you could technically modify the core server to provide a money interface.
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    I've already converted iConomy to bukkit :]
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    Great! Is there anyway for you to test that this works or is it like already tested?
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    i just want something ridiculously simple, like each person has a virtual "purse", the plugin uses a nongame item as it's actual currency, most of it's virtual, but the player has the option to withdraw an item that only counts as currency not as a usual block.

    same thought, though off topic, bukkit should allow for custom, skinnable, nongame items for use solely with plugins like this.
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    This is definitely not going to be added. (There's a lot of ways to do currency as well.)
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    oooookaaaaaay... soooooo
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    I also think such functionality should be left for plugins. The bukkit mod should be as "simple" as possible.

    <Dream mode>
    Now if Notch would just ad a stackable coin item to minecraft that can't be created by normal gameplay....
    </Dream mode>
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    Install a plugin be happy
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    i like these ideas :)
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    I think i will just stick to iConomy, now all we need is the actual...
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