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    Plugin category: Tools

    Minecraft version: 1.16.3

    Suggested name: BuildTimer

    What I want:

    I'm looking to create build competitions where you have a certain amount of time to build and then you are put in spectator mode. This would be on a multiverse world so playtime needs to check for that particular world. The build offs themselves can run for as long as they want but the player can only build for a certain amount of time.
    Ideas for commands:

    Resettime - Resets the playtime if you want to create a new event
    setimer - Defines how long each player has to build

    When I'd like it by: Whenever
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    Hello, I'd like to specify a few things. Would each player be teleported to their own box? And would you be able to set the 'spawn' for each box? And when does the Timer Start? Would this be an event type Plugin where an Admin with a permission types /event start (/event settime <time>, /event cancel, /event addtime <time>)?

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