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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gosintary, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Hey! I am looking for a plugin that adds a new building system into Minecraft!
    I want the building system to work kinda like this!

    This plugin is designed to allow players to build bases without it looking all greifed up (like factions would)

    There are 9 types of placable "parts"

    • Wall
    • Wall(door)
    • Wall(Window)
    • Floor
    • Platform
    • stairs
    • ladder
    • fence
    • barbed wire
    Let's go over them!

    Wall -

    Cost: 9 oak wood planks

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Oak Wood Plank

    Wall(Door) -

    Cost: 7 Oak wood planks & 1 oak door

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Oak Door

    Wall(Window) -

    Cost: 8 oak wood planks & one glass block

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Glass Block

    Floor -

    Cost: 9 wool blocks

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Brown Wool Carpet

    Platform -

    Cost: 9 Oakwood planks

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Oakwood pressure plate

    Stairs -

    Cost: 3 Oakwood stairs, 3 oak wood planks

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Oak Stair

    Ladder -

    Cost: 3 ladders

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Ladder

    Fence -

    Cost: 3 oak fences

    Item In Blueprint GUI: Oak Fence

    Barbed Wire -

    Cost: 3 cobweb
    Item In Blueprint GUI: cobweb

    Blue print GUI:
    (photo album)

    I would like this for Minecraft 1.8

    Thank you!
    (If this is probably not going to happen bc to hard please let me know so I can work on finding an alternitive

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    BUMP! If this probably won't be made please tell me!
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    I think it's possible but haven't really looked into it so I'll look into it right now and then let you know if I'm gonna do it

    EDIT: can't figure out a way to create solid out of nothing without the use of boats which are limiting (I'm assuming you wanted to be able to also place blueprint at an angle)
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    @MrCrackerplays Thanks for your response!

    No, I am not requesting angles. My main goal of this is to keep clean symmetrical houses on my server and not the mess of things you might find on factions server. It to a lengthy amount of time to create the custom terrain and I did not make it just to have it all greifed up if you get where I'm coming from haha!

    Also, It would be really cool if you could allow the placement of chests. furnaces and crafting tables inside of the structure only by the placer of the structure and prevent other players
    (besides the creator of the structure) from opening the door. If not I can make factions work where players must claim the land or something I'll figure out later. Maybe another plugin will be made for that.
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    CeramicTitan Retired Staff

    It's definitely possible but due to the amount of different variables(i.e the number of walls, GUI,etc). It would take a while to develop -> However, with that being said, a plugin like this would be a great learning experience for a developer looking to gain some experience.
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    @CeramicTitan Hey! How much experience would need to even consider attempting this? I have a good amount of java in my brain and a small amount of bukkit API. Maybe I will try it.
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    Mathias Eklund

    I like this idea, sadly I don't have a lot of time lately.
    Would create it otherwise.
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    Very limited programming experience required.

    Just go through all the parts of your plugin individually, and google how to accomplish them:
    • "How to create custom inventory?"
    • "How to know when player clicks inventory?"
    • "How to take and add items in player's inventory?"
    • "How to create custom items?"
    • "How to detect right click with item?"
    • "How to place blocks?"
    It's honestly a very simple plugin, please go ahead and try and make it yourself. If you need help, we'll always be in the Plugin Development sub-forum :)
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    @Horsey cool thanks! I guess I will try this out myself. If anyone would like to do this, go for it!
    So I started about an hour ago and I have the entire inventory done and it opens by right-clicking the blueprint. I'm going to work on the pre-placed version of each structure (moveable green slime block.
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    @Gosintary I've made a similar plugin a while ago, although I will let you fill this one up. If you need help with the plugin, just tell me, and I will check the code. Good Luck :)
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    I'm clearly not meant to be a coder. I have all the buttons in the GUI set up, but Idk where to go from there. I'm stuck, plus I've been really busy.
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    Do not despair!

    What you need to do is listen for the InventoryClickEvent, then set up the block placement!
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    @Horsey alright cool. I will start there and let you know when I get squished by another elephant!

    @Horsey I just realized that people make mistakes. Do you have any ideas on how to allow players to remove what they placed, with out allowing them to break anything they didnt spawn?
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    Add the locations of the spawned blocks into a list and then allow them to break those blocks in the BlockBreakEvent.
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