Builder Got $4000000 in 24 hours! NO JOBS

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by hunterboerner, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I have a build on my server that in the past 24 hours got $4000000! WTF!
    The builder has no jobs. He bought a few houses then decided to destroy them.(waste of time)
    Does ANYONE know how he did this???!?!?!?
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    Check your server log, for anything obvious, Then after that, I would suggest that he used an X-ray mod to go mine diamonds and sell them
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    possible, but diamond blocks are only $500 in the shop
    that would take FOREVER! whereas he did it in about 2 hours
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    Check your log to see if any of your staff gave him free money.
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    none of my staff are on at 1 in the morning

    what i find stupid is that he griefed a place he OWNED therefore he griefed himself

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    Is he a regular player, or a new player? If he is a new player, you can check to see if any mcbans servers have banned him here:

    Just replace usernamehere with his MC username :)
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    nothing on there about him

    username is:
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    Maybe some kind a dupe bug he used?
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    there are hax to do this.
    read your command history.
    he probbebly has used an moneykeygen
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    is there a plugin to stop it
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