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    Plugin category: Autobuilding?

    Suggested name: Build For Money (a terrible name, but a great idea for a plugin)

    Why I want this: I am making a clash of clans server, but instead of asking for some huge bulky plugin, I've found its possible using most of the resources on bukkit, except I need one thing. I've tried out citizens builder and construction sites, but it would be a little inconvenient with how I want this to work out. The code is very similar, so if someone makes this, look at the source code for those plugins.

    What I want: A plugin where you can use schematics from world edit and pay to create them in certain worlds with configurable times and money. A little complicated to explain, but just read this long paragraph. An admin would save a schematic of a file using world edit and world guard, and put it in the "schematics" folder for this plugin. Then, they would go to the config file, maybe looking somewhat like this
    1. #########################
    3. #########################
    4. sampleautobuild:
    5. timetobuild (in seconds): 50
    6. cost: 50
    7. canoverlapblocks: false
      worldsallowedin: world, spawn
      commandwhenrightclicked: <server> /give player 15 1
      commandwhenexecuted: /msg player SUCCESS
    8. #Copy and paste the config from above, replacing “sampleautobuild” with the name of the schematic, and configuring
    9. #everything else to your liking.

    They would follow said instructions in the config, then it would be setup. The feature "canoverlapblocks" means that it cannot be built if there is blocks in its way. The feature "worldsallowedin" would use multiverse or multiworld to only allow the structure to be built in certain worlds. Support from vault or other economies would be used for the cost. The feature "commandwhenrightclicked" would be a command either committed by the server or by the player when the structure is right clicked after it is built. The feature "commandwhenexecuted" will commit a command through console. Once it is all configured, players would be able to do /build {name of schematic} This would include the cost and overlap, if the configured variables are not met, then it will cancel itself. The time to build will also be applied, saving the coords where the command was executed, waiting for the configured time, then summoning the building as it was saved from the schematic to the saved coordinates.

    Ideas for commands:
    /bfm reload (Reloads config)
    /bfm build {schematic} (Build a structure, if the variables in the config are met)
    /bfm help (A nifty help menu!)

    Ideas for permissions:
    bfm.reload (permission to reload)* (permission to build all structures) (schematic would be replaced with the schematic name that they're allowed to build) (permission to do /bfm help)
    bfm.worldoverlap (permission to bypass the allotted worlds it can be built in)
    bfm.* (everything :))

    When I'd like it by:
    Whenever! :D
    A little message to whoever makes this, you are awesome :)
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    EDIT by Rockdude_: No one needs to work on this plugin, it seems a little complex, and impractical for anything but my server. I'll just look off the source code from citizens builder and see if I can try to make this myself.
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    @Rockdude_ You can use the edit button. It is under a post ;)
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