Build 1185 Server , Ram Vanishing in 24 hours

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jake122122, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Hey I was wondering on a dedicated server I5 quad 2.33ghz 16gb ram 1gb internet speed
    We have 2 servers running 1 with 8gb ram dedicated This keeps on running out of ram for no reason and wont go back up we have about 50 plugins

    Then we have the 4gb ram server that uses half of the ram and only a few plugins 4-5 plugins

    Then we run a teamspeak that is 32slots

    Now anyone know whats happening all we are running centos 6 64bit with Java 1.7 and LAMP
    Please help

    We are running PEX 1.3 , with BukkitPermissions hooked into it

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  2. What kind of question is that? You have server running with 50 plugins and it eats up 8GB Ram? Obviously a memory leak, right? Start from scratch add a plugin, test if its the one with the leak, add the next one, test again - rinse and repeat! Only way to find the problematic plugin.

    And btw, what do you want to do with 8GB Ram anyway? thats enough to run approx 200 players and Im 100% sure that your server has hardly 60 players, right?

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    How is this related to this thread? He's simply asking a question about ram usage.
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    My server has the problem. It's only a 6 player server with 2 GB RAM, but after about 24 hours it's 100% full. I suspect its a memory leak in the Bukkit build.
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    8gb RAM? 200 players? Who's been lying to you?
  6. And you are... who??? No idea what youre talking about but you obviously have no clue..
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    That's my other account...and you're the one who doesn't have a clue,genius...there's no way 8GB of ram can hold 50 players,nevermind 200! So please,research the facts before starting talking shit...

    Probably one of your plugins has a memory leak...
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    Yes it was by Essentials , we have fixed this , all good
    I was wondering if one maybe able to answer we are running 4 worlds and will 8gb ram be enough ?
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    Im getting the same issue as you, was it Essentials 2.6.2 that was causing the issue for you? Im testing my server now without it to see if it helps
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    Yes it did , we had 2.5.2 and we forgot to update , so it will be esentials , just make sure you update all your plugins as it will ussally be a outdated one
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    8GB Ram for 4 worlds? nope,sorry...4 worlds is a lot of worlds! :p
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    HawkEye 1.05 has a huge memory leak. Are you use it?
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    We use hawkeye Thats fine 1.0.5 , how do you mean ?
    And sdddddgjd , we bumped it up to 10gb ,
    So thats 2.5gb per world ones a spawn world so thats should be fine we use world border to keep the ram usage down too
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    Yes that could be because of the plugin "HawkEye". This plugin has a bug, which spams your RAM with useless data.
    It's a pitty, HawkEye would be a great BB replacement :(
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    Cheers for that we might need to take a look into that ,Hopefully the next release will fix everything up :)
  16. *looks at the MadRealms-server stats* *looks at sddddgjds reply* *looks at the MadRealms-server stats again*
    ROFLMAO! Idiot! ;)
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    totally oftopic but if my 1gb server could run 32 people why cant a 8gb server run 50? 8x32=256 slots, with 50 plugins yes it could actually hold around 200.
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    A 1gb server wont run 32 people guaranteed
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    My computer handled 25 players without lag. 1.4 GB RAM used for the server. My computer is also over two years old...
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    You are misinformed. My server has 9 worlds and we frequently have 40 players on.

    This bug is only present if you have lava or water flow logging on.

    Stop talking, you look silly.

    Proof that your 1GB server runs 32 people please
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    You're so retarded it hurts...

    How much RAM do you have? :D

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    I had a memory leak when running Multiverse with 3 worlds on 8gb of ram with 30-60 players.
    60 players would use about 2-3gb but at some point the ram usage would increase until it reached 0 and server crashed.

    Removed multiverse, no more problem. Still got Issue with CPU usage (bad TPS) but when it crashes we have plenty of ram left.
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