[BUG] Map generator in #1467 (1.0)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by umarth, Nov 20, 2011.

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    I try create a map in #1467, and see extranges lines in ocean biomes, try other seeds, and the lines appear in all it. Create a map in single player with the same seed (Es un mapa genial) and this lines gone:

    Bukkit server:

    Singleplayer map:

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    As the team have not recommended this build, there is no support for it. Bugs are likely to exist.

    Craftbukkit for 1.0 is still in development, so stay tuned.
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    Excellent bug report.
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    Oh, I was reporting, I was not complaining XD
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    I didn't say you were?
    Oh well.
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    Good bug report. We should see more threads like this, as opposed to all the "when will" threads :)
    Thanks for testing!
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    Well if nobody reports them then it's unlikely they'll get fixed? I'd have barely noticed this one, as it's quite subtle if you're not flying but just walking around.
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    you definitely were implying, as his post didn't contain anything that could even be considered complaining about the bug being present. he was simply stating a bug that might have not been known.
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    I wish the forum had a dislike button. I could use one for RROD's posts right now.
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    I also found a bug with the map generator.. I punched or even collected dirt but it transformed into sand..
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    Bugs should be submitted here: http://goo.gl/WDT05

    @Vhab Let's try to keep a positive attitude. If you don't like his posts, that's your opinion. However, you should only elaborate on it if it's on topic and you're not blatantly trolling.
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    Why not link the "bugs" button to this page, as leaky is off?
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    Link this button (pic) to "http://goo.gl/WDT05" as its original link is down.

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    I clicking this before to post... don't work then an don't work now xD... And my english sucks xD
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    This is pretty bad... I hope they see this, because it's pretty difficult to notice just walking around the map.
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    This could be related to the fact that the biome code hasn't yet been updated to 1.0. It still contains only the biomes from 1.8 plus a few earlier ones which are no longer used.
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    To my knowledge this is false. Craftbukkit is at Minecraft 1.0, but the modification for bukkit probably brokered the generation code.
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    I can't do that and this isn't a permanent bug system. Just a temporary one because leaky is down.
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    Has somebody already tested if this only happens with CraftBukkit or also with the vanilla Minecraft server? Just to make sure it really is a CraftBukkit problem.
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    Oh crap... I noticed this too and thought it was normal! :(
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    Anyone think these two may be the same issue? Just a guess, but the problem in umarth's pictures is that sand is rendering with cutoffs as dirt. Maybe it's still actually sand, but it's dirt that's being displayed in-game?
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    I had a very interesting bug. Some chunks in my current world got overwritten. Jut my luck, one of them had to be my house :( Instead of a mountanous terrain it replaced it with a snow biome 30 blocks or so higher. Was really odd. Some of the wood I had got moved up too, but some of the materials didn't. :O
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    I have experienced a similar bug in a vanilla 1.0 SMP server. I was in the nether and found a nether fortress and was walking along one of the netherbrick viaduct things to find a gap in the viaduct, I tried placing some netherrack to bridge the gap only for it to turn into netherbrick when I tried placing it! I also have walls of netherrack that would turn into netherbrick if it tried to mine it. I disconnected from the server and all the pseudo-netherrack was netherbrick when I rejoined. So I wonder if this is some kind of client side desync.
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    Does the bug exist in the latest build (1485)?
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    OK I can confirm that this is a display bug only (kinda)

    Apparently the server is sometimes sending chunks to the client before the block populators finished running. This is how Notch implements multi-threading I guess.




    Also, a simple rejoin will send you the chunks again and everything looks the way it should:


    So terrain generation isn't broken after all :)

    Btw: Another thing I noticed here: Right after joining the server (server was up for maybe 15 seconds) the client was not responding for about half a minute. :/
    On the rejoin this didn't happen, everything was fine.
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    I chek it, it's true
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