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Discussion in 'Resources' started by JPG2000, Nov 11, 2013.

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    iused ur code some days back (3-4days) and it was tons of errors but i fixed all of them its not pretty bad tut if u know how to fix ur things...
  2. Asking for likes makes me sad :( If you want to make a new tutorial, then make a new tutorial. If you don't, then don't. Don't worry yourself too much over whether the community "wants" it or not. Build it and they will come, right?
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  3. @AdamQpzm Yeah asking for likes seems... That's why I edited it out.
  4. @bwfcwalshy Good to know, didn't bother reporting it because I didn't know if it would be counted as "begging for likes" or not :p
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    I'm doing this because I want to know the community cares. I could care less if it was likes or not, hell, you guys can just post in the comments here if you want a new tutorial.
  6. @JPG2000 And as I said before: Do it if you want to do it. Don't worry too much about whether or not the community "wants" it or not. If you only want to do it if a certain amount of people want the tutorial, then maybe you aren't all that enthusiastic about making a new one anyway. :)
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    Your misreading my intentions. I am very busy with school and want to make sure that a new tutorial won't go to waste. That's why I would do it.
  8. @JPG2000 I don't misread your intentions at all. I'm simply saying - make it, regardless of whether it will be used or not, or don't. Simple as that. Some times great things come from people making stuff they didn't see how it would be used by people. Sometimes people just end up 'wasting' their time. But if you enjoy making the tutorial (regardless of its popularity or lack thereof) then the time isn't really wasted. If you don't enjoy making it, and only want to make it if some of the community will find it helpful, then don't bother. Someone else will come along who wants both of those things.

    Either way, sooner or later, your tutorial will fade into nothingness and won't be used again. And with the state of the community being what it is... I know which of those I'd lean towards.
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    I'd only do this because my tutorial is old and broken, I expect it to fade. I'll make the tutorial on spigot forums, possibly, idk. If I make it i'll post it both places possibly
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    Then again, having your resource bumped all the time isn't that bad of a trade off :)
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