Broken Nether?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by davidovski, Mar 30, 2016.

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    I own a server and i have been making my own plugins for it... most recently a "multi-world" plugin. I have come across a problem though... The nether doesn't work! when i create a portal in the survival world, It just plays the portal animation and doesn't teleport. the strange thing is when i make a portal in the hub word (default) I go the hub_nether. I've checked my plugin and i definitely haven't turend nether off. Any help?:confused::p
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    If it is a problem with your plugin, then we can't help you.
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    Yes, gotta this problem for my uhc.
    I think @timtower should move this in plugin dev because it's a problem with your code.

    When you try to pass through a portal, the server look the name of your world, add _nether behind and try to teleport it to it.

    For example, in the world "default", you create a portal, you teleported here : "default_uhc"

    Your problems :
    1 :
    here, your world's name is davidovski
    You should teleport to davidovski_nether
    But i'm pretty sure he don't exist (because you don't have create it yet)

    In a other world that the server default world, I've seen that you have to make the teleportation on your own :
    -Catch the PlayerPortalEvent
    -get the current world and position of the player
    -convert it into the position of the other world (nether, end, "normal")
    -set this position to the event
    - set the research radius and creation radius (the search radius is the area to look to see if there's an already existing portal. If yes, it is used. If no, a portal is try to be created within the creation radius distance)
    - set the event to search/create a portal in the previous defined position

    If you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask.
    I may show you some part of code if you want
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to plugin development.
    @Kilorbine Please use the report for moderation tasks.
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    Please don't. That is spoonfeeding and unless you provide all the documentation and reasons why it works, you are giving him the solution without telling him how to get there on his own.
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    Thanks for the help, i might give that a go. Meanwhile I just changed the level_name (or something) in the file to be the world i want to have a nether and just forced players to log onto the hub world instead. The only problem with this is that the other worlds won't have a nether....
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    In bukkit, you have the possibility to create a world with WorldGenerator class.
    There, you can set what kind of world you want (normal/nether/end)
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