[BROKEN] [ADMN/SEC] SolitaryConfinement v1.0 - A better jail plugin [1000]

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    SolitaryConfinement - Full featured, complete jail plugin :
    Version: v1.0

    Most jail plugins today work well for what they claim to do. However, most fall short of what people need for their jails. People in jail can often type a command to teleport out of it, can break a block or place a block to get out, or kill themselves to return to spawn. This plugin prevents any of those things happening, and as such, ensure that your players remain in the jail. Additionally, normal chat is not shown to the user, messages the user sends are only shown to the mods, and the mods can send a message to a jailed user.

    Download SolitaryConfinement
    Source Code

    • /j jail [playername] [jailname] - Sends a player to a jail
    • /j unjail [player] - Frees a player from jail
    • /j setjail [jailname] - Sets a jail at your location
    • /j deljail [jailname] - Deletes a jail
    • /j listjails - List all the jails
    • /j tell [player] [message] - Sends a message to a jailed player
    There are 2 permission nodes to assign:
    • "sc.mod" - Use the jail, tell, listjails, unjail commands
    • "sc.admin" - Use the setjail, deljail commands.
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin released
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    i will try it ;)

    This does work...
    but when i jailed someone all players have :

    there NO NAMES NO PREFIX etc. etc. etc.!
    Nothing! Only the TEXT....
    PLease fix this
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    RB1000 here

    - All chat gets duplicated
    - Jailed users can still talk globally
    - ANYONE can use /j * even if I have not given them permission (permissions 3.1.6)
    - Test subject was still able to Teleport to me to escape jail
    - It says I don't have permission, but it still works

    I am using HeroChat, so maybe you can find a way to bypass HeroChat.

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    I don't have permissions so will it fal back to OP?

    Also, I'm right in thinking this means that jailed players can't break/place blocks?
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    Can you put something in that makes it so when you dejail someone you have the option to have a set location to dejail them at or they can use commands and stuff all you have to do is open a door and let them out. Also if they can get out of the jail area they can use commands and stuff and considered not jailed. But so far really great!
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    I'm new to using these kind of plugins (with permission nodes) but where can you get these nodes?
    Please help :)
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    You pretend that other plugins are complete failures.
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    other peoples can break blocks in jail, me as admin cant do that.....is this a bug?
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    sorry it's way bugged out.....all server chat reverts to white with no names....for everyone. every command says you dont have permission but does it any way. and /j unjail just says that the player isn't jailed even though they are
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    The bug in most jails... What will happen when a Jaild-player logsout!?

    In most jails the player gets stuck! Forever in Jail mode!
    The Admin have to change it in the config files.

    So?... what will happen with your plugin? Please post it.
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    I think I might be able to fix this plugin but not add any features. Not sure yet I'm still a noob developer.

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