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    Note: I know BattleArena has the skirmish gamemode, but its not what I need

    Name: BYOTArena

    Description: Pretty obvious, there will be gamemodes like Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Capture the flag and etc. Instead of picking classes, You will bring whatever is inside your inventory and fight there. You don't lose items in the arena once you lose/die. There will be multiple arena support, signs and stuff.

    /byotarena create [name-of-arena] [Gamemode]
    [Gamemode] = tdm (team deathmatch), ffa (free-for-all), and ctf (capture the flag)
    /byotarena set [Variable]
    [Variable] = playerspawn, teamspawn(Color) (Color can be green,blue,red and blue), itemspawn (items will spawn. by default 60 seconds can be edited in config)
    /byotarena join [name-of-arena]
    /byotarena autostart [arena] [seconds]
    /byotarena leave
    /byotarena endall - ends all the arenas
    /byotarena spectate

    Need it when: Anytime

    Or: Is there a similar plugin like this BESIDES BattleArena..
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    Good luck finding someone to make this. I know that requests for minigames are frowned upon here. Do you have a dev for your server that would be willing?
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    Or there should be like an inventory saver or something. I know that devs dont have enough time for this but is there a way to force a player to bring their own items into BattleArena plugin or anything like that. I dont want skirmish and stuff
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    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to modify existing plugins. This forum is used for people to exhibit their requests for a plugin so developers can see them. A plugin like this would have to be custom-created. I would help you if I didn't have two plugins to work on at the moment.

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