**Brilliant Idea** Schematics Spawning

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    Plugin category: World Generation

    Suggested name: Betterdungeons

    What I want: inspired by the mod BetterDungeons This Will Allow You To Generate A World By Going /mv create <worldname> -g BetterDungeon -s <seed> with support of mulitverse. i will spawn schematics that are in a folder. in the config you can set as .underwater .underground .air .waterlevel .ground which tells it where to spawn. i want to use this as to make custom duegons and villages. i really really need a plugin like this. i think that this would turn into a super epic plugin.

    Edits: they can spawn in certain biomes, more types like .end .nether .sky, chest.yml file for loots of chests

    Ideas for commands: betterdungeon reload

    Ideas for permissions: betterduegon.reload

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Garris0n that isnt what im looking for
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    I thought you said you want to be able to generate schematics in the world.
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    He wants better dungeons etc.
    Probably you need a custom generator that extends the NMS default world generator but just changes villages etc
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    Garris0n i want a plugin for just that and not as complex
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    Why? Just use that plugin, it works perfectly fine.
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    Garris0n I want a plugin to do this task I have used terrain control and that is not what I am interested in I need something that spawns schematic files not bo2 files and I want something that can spawn thing like pirate ships and this like that in certain areas but that plugin did help with the biome part of it I have already made over 200 schematics files
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    Use worldedit and do it by hand ;)
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    AronTheGamer since there are 921,600,000,000,000,000 blocks in a world, i dont think he would want to do that...
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    I would love to have this plugin :D
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    It uses bo3 files now, and it specifically says how to convert them. The bo3 files actually store NBT as well, so you could spawn chests and such.

    TerrainControl's entire config revolves heavily around biomes, I have no clue what you're talking about.
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    i tired i and it does not work thank you for the suggestion
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    So...the whole plugin doesn't work? Sounds like a huge bug you should report to the developers, seeing as they probably think it does work.
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    theplugin will not work for my request
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Could you also tell why?

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