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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Crospin, Mar 20, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Race, Bridge, BridgeRace

    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: BridgeRace

    What I want: So everybody starts on an island. The goal is to bridge to the island directly across from you. The first person to bridge to the island across from them wins and it broadcasts "{Player} came in first in Bridge Race! Also, there's a scoreboard that says how many wins you have and how much time till' the game starts. And there's top 3
    &e&l1st - {Player}
    &a&l2nd - &7&l{Player}
    &c&l3rd - &7&l{Player}

    Ideas for commands: /bridgerace join
    /br join
    /br setspawn1
    /br setspawn2 /br setspawn3
    (So on and so forth)
    /br setmin
    /br setmax
    /br setotherspawn1 (Other island to bridge too.)
    /br setotherspawn2

    Ideas for permissions: I prefer /br join and /bridgerace join by default given to all players. Also, only ops get admin comands.
    When I'd like it by: In 1 - 2 months. This is a needed plugin I need but I can give you time. I know this is a lot to ask for but I would really appreciate it. In addition, I will give you op on my server. We have a growing player base atm. Thank you <3
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    I will see if I can make this using Skript. This may take me a while.
    So, do you want the race to end once the player places the block in a certain place? Or do you want him to step on, say, a pressure plate? I need an action to symbolize a player completing the race.
    Also, is it fine if only 1 race can take place at one time? Would be hard to make it several at once.
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    @Concube how about they break a bed then it makes then it the broadcasts "{Player} has finished BridgeRace in first!
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