Brewing Named Potions

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    Levi Kornelsen

    This may sound odd, but bear with me.

    In the main config of this theoretical brewing plugin, you put in the chain of items used to brew a potion, and the name. Like this:

    BREW (Name of potion, as it will be shown)
    - (The thing you make it out of - often another potion)
    - (Thing you add to make it).
    - (Id for the way it looks).
    - (Command to execute when consumed, or "none", or "default" for existing potions)
    - (Another command, if any)
    - (Etc)

    So, the default config would be a list showing the existing potions, and what they're brewed from and with, from mundane potion onward. To make new potions, just dig up a plugin that has commands which put effects on you, and pile them in under "consume".

    "Man, I want to..."

    "....Cool, drink this."

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