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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by hitech95, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I've been working on this plugin for quite a while now and it's time to show you my work.
    Thank to all of you here that helped me when I got stuck.

    BowWarfare Reloaded

    Project page:

    Bow Warfare is a plugin that has the aim of creating a fully automated COD/Battlefield style experience. The plugin was created to be simple to use, and to be easily setup on any type of server, no matter the size or type! Bow Warfare provides a way for your server to have a full fledged, fully automated Bow Warfare experience for any player. This is a remake of an older plugin, now the old project is inactive. For older information visit the original plugin: BOW WARFARE.

    Game Mechanics:
    There is no one way to play, all depends on the mode in which you are playing. There are currently classice the FFA and TDM. Soon it will be added others!
    If you think you may need to insert the kit, so as to realize the classes!


    Bow: It is the weapon (The enemies die in one hit)
    Arrow: The arrows are the ammunition!
    Mine: Mines are used to protect areas! The square where you feel most appropriate.
    Granade: Kill a few enemies by throwing a grenade close to the enemy!

    • Full automation
    • Automatic arena regeneration
    • Auto game start
    • Spectators
    • In-game Lobby with real-time player and arena stats
    • Multiple arenas
    • Simultaneous games
    • Web-based stats
    • Easy arena setup
    • Per Arena Permissions
    • Multiworld Support
    • Different Game Type
    • Events API
    • Kits (Done but Useless)
    • Scoreboard
    • Boss Healt Info Bar
    • Game Type specific spawn points
    • Team Based Spawn Points
    • Granades and Mines
    • Autocomplete command (TAB Autocomplete)
    • Update checker when an OP joins the server (Plugin side Implemented, Build side not implemented - It is disabled)
    • Arrow Glass Break
    • Arrow TNT Explosion
    • Classic Bow
    • Economy
    • Team Chat System: "#<Messages>"
    • None on latest build.



    One small note:
    Is also available a small (16 slot - 256mb of RAM) testing server:

    If you're a developer you can contribute to this little project.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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    It 'just been accepted the first version of the plugin!
    I want to tank the staff and all the people in the forum who have contributed, even indirectly (post with answers to my questions)!

    I also want to specify that it is a pre-release and therefore may contain some bugs (I hope none!)
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    Looks like a cool combat game plugin, I'll try it on my server when I get home :)
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    Thanks, if you find some bugs create a ticket on github!
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