Bow and arrow glitch

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Legomaster, Jul 17, 2011.

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    I have recently discovered a glitch on my server concerning arrows. when a player shoots an arrow at a block the arrow will jump to the top edge of the block.

    I am running craftbukkit version 1000 with the following plugins: alwaysday, controllerblock, dynmap, essentials, herospawn, magiccarpet, minecraftviewer, mobarena, movecraft, multiinv, multiverse, nspleef, performancetweaks, permissions,rocketboots, styxspace, war, weathercontrol, worldedit, worldguard, wormholextreme.

    Has anyone else experienced this glitch or know what to try?
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    Does it really affect you that much?
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    it's lag/bukkit bug, just ignore it, if your shooting at a mob it'll still do damage, and @jtlcr777 i'm ocd, and it bugs the hell out of me...
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    Actually it does affect me as a puzzle on my adventure map requires that the arrow land on the upper half of a block, and not just get sucked to the top
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