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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PardonMySpeech, Jul 2, 2020.

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    I would like the Plugin to have a gui with like 5 rows containing:
    - Ranked
    - Unranked
    - Bot Practice
    - Event
    I Would also want you to add like a Join command or Just auto when
    a Player joins
    Also Please add a Leaderboard Hologram for the Top 10:
    - Top Ranked Players
    - Top Unranked Players
    - Top Kills
    - Top Wins
    /practicesetup | To send a message of the commands needed to set the spawn etc " practicesetup.setup
    /practicesetup kit < create/edit/save/delete > | To Create/Make/Edit/Remove Kits ( in creating a kit please make a 5 row gui for the 5th row there will be where the Armors going to be and in the 3rd row will be glass panes to separate the Inventory and armor | 1 , 2nd row for the Inventory ) ( Also in making/editing Kits ) " practicesetup.kit.*
    /practicesetup setholo < Rank/Unranked/Kills/Wins > | To Make the top 10 Hologram "practicesetup.holo.*
    /pjoin | ( short for Practice Join ) To Join the Practice PvP "practice.join"
    /pleave | To leave the Practice PvP "practice.leave" ( i added the permission to leave so i i can just remove their permission to leave )
    Difficulties of the Bot:

    Easy Difficulty - 2.5 blocks Reach / 2. seconds delay / 20% chance of souping/healing
    Moderate - 3 blocks Reach / 1.5 seconds delay / 40% chance of souping/healing
    Hard - 3.5 blocks Reach / 1 seconds delay / 50% chance of souping/healing

    (You can add more Difficulties like Hacker or Pro)
    Gamemodes for the Ranked/Unranked/Bot Practice

    - Debuff
    - Gapple
    - Soup
    - Sumo

    ( You can add more if you want )

    If you have any more questions or Maybe im missing some points please ask me

    Some of the Plugins/skript that i saw Lacks Stuff or Some are not working
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    Yeah the linked isn't that different from yours and if go on it you will see how well it went.
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    It Doesn't support multi-arena
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Could ask for that though.
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    YAY my thread got linked lol. Anyways the plugin that you are asking for is literally a paid plugin on Spigot. I won't link it (please don't remove my post tim :p) but it's called StrikePractice. It's a paid plugin, but it does what you are asking for. It's literally the same thing. Another one is called MCDuels and is quite similar. You could also use this one, although it requires Skript (which is extremely outdated) and isn't multi-arena AND doesn't allow held items and such, but it isn't too bad other then that. You could also try using Sentinel which is literally an NPC that fights. It requires Citizens 2 but the Jenkins is open source.

    Citizens 2 Jenkins:
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    I Paid StrikePractice i had so many issues with it and also thanks i do use Sentinel its good All Good Thanks for the Replies in a short amount of time :)
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    @PardonMySpeech yep np. I think you can get support on StrikePractice but I'm not sure. Feel free to ask the dev that's doing the PvPBot for any changes. I don't think he/she is working on it at the moment, though. You could probably wait till it's done than open a Github issue or something.
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