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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Icy1256, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I have been searching around bukkit for a while, in fact I've been loking for this since 1.8.1, and I never found it, but chose now to speak up about it. So, is there a plugin in existance that creates a player, the fake player will walk around aimlessly, create a house, mine a bit, get ores, and do what a normal player does, like fight mobs, etc, and interacts with other players as well. But, is there one of those plugins just like that, but it talks too? Like, if you say hi, it'll respond in a configurable way, or if you ask it a question, it will answer back? So mainly, a player that chops wood, crafts, mines, wears armor, does normal things, and acts as Cleverbot too? If not, will this ever be made, and is someone currently developing it?

    EDIT: Also, is there a way that said bot could have a customizable skin, so you can change how it looks?
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    Are you looking for bots / botting or are you looking for advanced npcs?
    If it is the latter one, look at Citizens. If you know about the bot that's presented in the bukkit minecraft discussion forum (I think?) you know that the bot is nowhere near a release version.

    You need external plugins to skin npcs, bukkit can not do it.

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    This would be much to complicated for only a plugin you would need to have a separate AI for it!
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    Midnight, I like your idea the best. I watched the intro video on the OP, and, well, I'm really impressed. Maybe when it's done, I will download it. I also have a few friends that know how to code, so maybe I can ask them to finish the project, if it's not done! Who knows!
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    I didn't make it, why are you impressed with me o.o? Also, the guy making it isn't releasing it to the public yet.
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    He never said he was impressed with you, he said he was impressed over the link you posted.
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    Citizens is the closest you will get to a plugin that can emulate players.
    There are other bots out there but they rely on connecting to a server and pretending to be a client.
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    There is Citizens2, Sentry, Denizens etc. Learn to use them and you'll get most out of what you requested.
    These custom NPCs, for example, can wander around, obtain resources, kill mobs and give custom quests and scripts. You can even set the time at which the NPC will do something. For example, wander around during day and return to a city at night. A player can only do a quest from this NPC while he is in the city or at night. There is a lot of things you can do with these plugins. This is really only scratching the surface.

    Edit: Oh yes, and Denizens can be talked to. If the player says a keyword, the Denizen will respond with the next part of the script. Otherwise, it will say something else.

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