Boss Mob Area + Make Mob a Boss

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    Plugin category:
    Combat Area

    Suggested name:

    What I want:
    I want to be able to put a Wither, a Dragon or any other Mob inside a specific area (worldedit wand region). If the Mob leaves the area (perhaps cause he is chasing a player), the mob needs to dissapear, and recreated inside the erae again (without chasing anything). Like a Boss Zone.

    As a second, i want to make every mob (Skeleton, Creeper, Slime ...etc) a Boss mob, with a multiple of his HP and the Boss-healthbar.

    Ideas for commands:
    As first, selecting a region with the Wand tool. and then type into the chat:
    /neobm create (name) (mobname)  (mobamount) (mobgrowing) (mob_hp)
    and to change, list all regions or delete:
    /neobm (name) (mobname) (mob_hp)
    /neobm list
    /neobm delete (name)
    name = name of this area
    mobname = name of the mob from
    mobamount = how many mobs are combined to be a boss (like a skeleton army)
    mobgrowing = a factor of the mobsize (2 would be double size, 0.5 would be half)
    mob_hp = new hp of this new Bossmob

    Ideas for permissions:
    no permissions - just admins should be able to place a region or change it

    When I'd like it by:
    as fast as possible :)

    Ps.: Changing Mobsize is optional - i don´t need it that hard - just a candy ^^

    thanks for reading and your help ^^
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    I´m still in need for this :'(
    (waiting so long...)

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